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(by Ringwraith)

Battle in the Dark Throne Game

Battle is not the only aspect of the Dark Throne Game, as there is much role playing and civilization building involved. It is fun though and there are many players out there that you can either ally yourself with or attack. In this version of Dark Throne, Players are immortal. You can destroy a player's fortification and kill all of their citizens, but the player will live on.


Go to the Battle -> Attack page, you will see a table of players and your own name in the rank where you currently are. From this page you can see how much gold the other players have, how large their army is, their level and their race. Unless you have a specific foe in mind you can use this page to browse for someone to 'farm' in order to either gain experience or gold.

From here you can also navigate to the previous or next page in the overall rankings, jump to a specific page or attack a specific player.

There are two ways to begin an attack on a foe from this page. You can either do this typing or pasting their name in the appropriate field and clicking the Attack button or click on the link to their player name from the main table or from other pages, where you see a link to their profile.

Once you are looking at your enemy's profile you have several options. Like the other pages you can see their level, class, race and overall rank. There is also a section that the player provides details for including an avatar and sometimes a message or threat from them. Below this you will see a light indicating whether they are on or offline.

The section on the right lets you issue orders to your troops. There is a message link which allows you to send one of your lackeys to deliver information to them. In other words you can send them an email, using the built in Dark Throne messaging system.

If the enemy is within five levels of you there will be a link to proceed with the attack. Before going into details with that, there are a few other items of note on this page.

Another link that is only available, when you are within 5 levels from the other player is 'Spy Missions'. We'll talk about this activity later.

No matter what the other player's level is, there will be a link that will allow you to transfer gold from your bank to them. This is obviously something you will likely do only with people that you are allied with, although in a game like this, extortion is probably not unheard of.

If you are in an alliance you will see a link on this page to allow you to send a message to another player inviting them to join.

Finally, there are some other points of interest on the player Profile page, which include the population, army size, fortification level and gold of the other player. There is a maximum of 20,000 gold that you can transfer to another player (per player), per day and 100,000 gold that you can receive from other players. Note that in order to send any gold, the amount that you are sending must be in your bank.

Now you're ready to Attack! You've got an enemy you want to take out. Click on the 'Attack this Player' link and choose how many turns you want to use to attack. Your turns build up when you are not logged on, just like everything else. You get more experience from a successful attack if you use the maximum 10, but you get more gold if you use less turns. Check your stats on the left to see how many turns you have left. Every 30 minutes, you will get an additional 2 attack turns. You can only attack a single player a maximum of 5 times in a 24 hour period.

Once the battle has begun, you will see the progress, showing how much damage your soldiers do to your enemy, and the damage they do in defense. There are other results too, such as damage to their fortification or any enemy units killed. The amount of casualties that you may incur from a battle depends on how big your army is, so equip them well and they will live longer. If you are victorious you will be told how much gold and experience you gained.

Some other things to consider. The smaller your army is in relation to the size of your opponent's army the more gold you will pillage. You will also get more experience and gold if you attack someone of a higher level than you, proportionate to how much higher. There is currently a random factor of about 5% to attack/defense calculations.


Go to the Battle -> Spy Center page, you will see a page that functions exactly like the attack and can be used to browse in the same way. Basically you want to get to the player's profile page and click on the Spy Missions link.

There are three different Spy activities, and in order to undertake them you should make sure that your Spies have adequate equipment from the armory.

Spying is the act of gathering intelligence about your enemy's army. You can send up to 10 spies on a single mission and each one will bring you back a piece of information.

Send the maximum, if you want complete statistics on your enemy. If your spy is caught they will be killed. However, your total spy offense is spread out among the number of agents you send, so it is wise to send one or two in the beginning, until you know how strong your enemy's defense is. Sometimes it's easier to slip one spy through your enemy's net than a whole group of 10. Your enemy's spy offense and defense will usually be the first two pieces of information that you get back, but not always.

Also Spying does not cost you turns like attacking does, so it's usually worth checking out the other side of the mountain before you attack, so to speak.

When defending against spy attacks you need to pump up your sentries with numbers and equipment. If they are unsuccessful in defending you against spying they will be murdered.

Assassination is an attempt to kill one of your enemy's trained units. The maximum amount of spies that you can send on assassination missions in one 24 hour period is 20 with the starting upgrade. This increases by 10 per upgrade. In order to kill archers or knights, you must send at least 40 spies.

Infiltration is a mission that is intended to damage an enemy's fortification. The maximum amount of spies that you can send on infiltration missions in one 24 hour period is 3. New code in the game has introduced the ability to destroy fortifications once they reach 0 hit points.


In the game you don't have to take any action per se when defending yourself, but you should always make sure to train your citizens to be guards, archers or sentries. You should also equip them as well as possible, to increase their effectiveness.

There will be reports created in your War History section when other players attack you, which is described below. You will gain experience points when you successfully win a battle in defense of yourself. If you are not successful gold will be pillaged from your available stash and you may suffer other losses like units and fortification hit points. YoUr enemies cannot steal gold that is in your bank, so if you have a lot of cash on hand, make sure you bank some of it.

When camping with a high defense you may win every battle, but beware of leaving your account without checking, because you will gradually gain experience and may get bumped up levels until everyone around you is more powerful. Check your fortification hit points, for damage from time to time in Structures -> Repair and spend the gold to fix it. Better fortifications are more expensive to repair but have more hit points as well. If your fortification gets to 50 or lower hit points, you will start to lose miners. In future releases of the game you will lose your fortification level as well. Also be aware that when you have a large number of guards above 1000, you will lose them, even when you succesfully denfend yourself. It's worth mentioning here that sentries are special spy units that prevent others from spying on you, so get some and arm them too.

War History

This essential page is found in the Battle -> War History menu. You should check this out every time you log onto Dark Throne, to see who has been at your door. It will help you keep tabs on your enemies.

Another good thing to check is the brief statistics on the Main -> Members page for a summary of your Attack and Defense ratio. Clicking on these links will take you to the appropriate portion of the War History.

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yournightmir Feb 28, 2010, 04:34 pm
hey how can i join dt beta???
simonigoe Dec 21, 2005, 05:30 pm
hi ply can u help me mi name is simonigoe on darkthrone sny of u no any way how to get more offence easyer because mine is 21,000,00
ringwraith Apr 27, 2005, 10:21 pm
Original comment by Mister V

"i have this hint (for spies):
1-always train your spies to the full - buy all the equipment.
2-always leave a "reserve" number of spies.
for example. if you have 30 fully trained spies in all equipment, add 10 more spies (untrained - that costs little money), so if some of the spies get killed on a mission, you still have the same spy offense."
ringwraith Apr 27, 2005, 10:19 pm
Original comment by Mister V

"the method of attacking, as I do it.

1 look at the person's profile...if it gives a definite number (like "yeah, my def is 10Mil, dont attack me, i dont want exp") theres a chance that that number is way bigger than in reality you got a chance; but if it says "please dont attack me", etc.etc. back off, this guy has more Def than your Off.

In any case, developping SpyOff. is good because it allows you to make sure what you're against

2 and that leads to my next point: always spy first, shoot later.
when spying: use 1 spy first, then 10 (if you have a hint that this person has got a high SpyDef, send 1, then 5, then 10).

If your first gets through, you can risk it and send 10, if he doesnt, then you enemy's SpyDef is equal or higher to your SpyOff.

3 and that determines - to attack or not to attack? well if your spies report that the other guy's defense is almost equal to yours
(the "almost equal" depends on your level - on the first ones it can be in 1000 or even less, in my levels it's more like in 10-20,000)

The enemy's guards can all of a sudden make more than the nominal defense and your soldiers become weaklings and make less than the nominal prevent this, only one way - get your offense way up (not like a Mil up, but some thousands)."
ringwraith Apr 27, 2005, 10:16 pm
Original comment by coolredneck090 "New Tip: Get a high spy offense and defense. If ppl spy on you and you defeat them they are probally not going to attack you. It happened to me not to long ago, some guy spied me and lost. I spied him and he had 9 mil offense which would have killed me. High spy offense is important because you can spy on ppl, and see if you can beat them, and if you cant beat them then you save attack turns "
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