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Unlike the Battle Upgrades described in the Units and Armory section, these upgrades are more structural in nature. There are four kinds of structural upgrades; fortifications, siege upgrades, spying and mining. Mercenary camp upgrades are detailed in the Recruiting Guide. Battle Upgrades are detailed in the Units and Armory Guide.

Fortification Upgrades

In order to upgrade your fortification level, certain conditions need to be met. You need to be a certain level and obviously have enough cash to buy them. See the fortifications guide for details on the statistics and level requirements of these upgrades. With each fortification upgrade you will find that you have access to additional upgrades of the other categories.

Siege Upgrades

These upgrades will help you in battle. Each of them gives a percentage bonus to your Offense score

Type Requirement Offense Bonus Cost
Ladders N/A 10% 0
Battering Rams Outpost Level 2 20% 100,000
Small Catapults Stronghold Level 2 30% 200,000
Trebuchets Citadel Level 2 40% 400,000
Steeds Fortress Level 2 50% 800,000
Large Catapults Castle Level 2 60% 1,600,000
War Elephants Castle Level 4 70% 3,200,000
Griffins Kingdom 80% 6,400,000
Rock Giants Kingdom Level 3 90% 12,800,000
Dragons Kingdom Level 5 100% 25,600,000
War Commander Empire Level 2 110% 51,200,000

Spying Upgrades

Spying upgrades are very expensive, but worth it if you don't like people spying on you or enjoy the espionage part of the game. Each one doubles the score you get from the previous one, plus a percentage equal to the amount that it went up. For example each upgrade will give you +10 to offense and defense, the next one +20, then +40 and so on. The percentage is also added to your total score +10%, +20%, +30% and so on, until the percentage gets to 100.

The spy rating applies to both your offensive and defensive score, which is really good because you can still only send a maximum of 10 spies on a mission. If those 10 spies had the best equipment, they would be stuck at a fixed maximum effectiveness, whereas with the upgrade they will not be.

A couple of notes about the chart below. Bonus is added to both offensive and defensive scores. Max, represents the maximum number of assassins that you can on missions per day. Int is the percentage bonus that is applied to your total score as described above.

Type Requirement Bonus Max Int Cost
Communications Centre N/A 10 20 10% 0
Camouflage Training Outpost Lv 2 20 20 20% 2,500,000
Advanced Communications Centre Stronghold Lv 2 40 40 30% 5,000,000
Sabotage Training Citadel Lv 2 80 50 40% 10,000,000
Stealth Training Fortress Lv 2 160 60 50% 15,000,000
Intelligence Centre Castle Lv 2 320 70 60% 25,000,000
Hand To Hand Combat Training Castle Lv 4 640 80 70% 50,000,000
Advanced Intelligence Centre Kingdom 1,280 90 80% 100,000,000
Poison Kingdom Lv 3 2,560 100 90% 200,000,000
Weapons Training Kingdom Lv 5 5,120 110 100% 400,000,000
Intelligence Network Empire Lv 2 7,680 120 110% 800,000,000

Mining Upgrades

These are very important to upgrade as the game progresses, because you want to be able to generate enough money for your battle expenses, as quickly as possible. Each one gives you a bonus number of gold per miner, per turn, which really adds up if you have a lot of miners working.

Type Requirement Gold per Miner Deposits Cost
Nickel Mine N/A 45 3 0
Coal Mine Outpost Level 2 50 4 2,500,000
Copper Mine Stronghold Lv 2 55 5 5,000,000
Emerald Mine Citadel Level 2 65 6 10,000,000
Silver Mine Fortress Level 2 75 7 25,000,000
Gold Mine Castle Level 2 85 8 50,000,000
Platinum Mine Castle Level 4 100 9 75,000,000
Diamond Mine Kingdom 115 10 100,000,000
Adv. Gold Mine Kingdom Level 3 130 11 150,000,000
Adv. Diamond Mine Kingdom Level 5 150 12 200,000,000
Adv. Platinum Mine Empire Level 2 170 13 250,000,000

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