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From the darkness of the realms of Dark Throne emerges a rag tag band of elite warriors. Led by transmuter48 the Unleashed Revolution has come to change the face of this bleak, war torn landscape. Purging the lands of the filthy goblin races, the Unleashed Revolution stands beside those who would oppose such scum.

As if you needed to look elsewhere for an alliance! The Unleashed Revolution is for G-Unleashed members only. Being part of this alliance is about quality players working towards building a powerful alliance. One of our greatest assets is the fact that we come from the G-Unleashed community and have developed friendships over a long period of time.

We offer a private, members only forum to discuss tactics and a whole section devoted to information about playing the game. By becoming a member, you will be provided with protection from enemies, tips for playing the game and spy information. You can ask for help if you need gold, or need someone to spy or attack for you. We've also been known to help out by clicking each other's recruitment link! In return we expect members to be active and help out when we ask you to. Do your part to improve our stakes in the game and you will be rewarded with a more prestigious rank.

We don't have a lot of rules, but here are a couple.

  • G-Unleashed members only
  • No attacking other members
  • If you're already a member of the Unleashed Revolution you can discuss tactics and chat with other members in the official G-Unleashed Forum.

    Dark Throne Allies

    We pride ourselves in our offensive power and spying skills. The Unleashed Revolution offers the assurance to our allies, that we will do whatever we can to match the assistance that our allies provide. Although we do not currently have any official allies, some of our members are also part of two of the largest alliances in Dark Throne. We would like to give credit to them for the help that they have provided for our members.

    The Great Elves

    From the darkness The Great Elves have returned to their true form, restored from the treachery that befell fair Rivendell to usher in a new age of this legendary clan of Dark Throne.

    A Mega Force

    AMF is the second largest alliance in the game. You're either with them or against them!

    Unleashed Revolution Leadership

  • transmuter48
  • Lord of the Revolution

    aka Ringwraith

  • MrOverlord
  • Strike Force Leader

    aka Mister V

  • Meldince
  • Defense Force Leader

  • Lord Nico
  • War Lord

    aka Shadow

  • Where Am I
  • War Lord

    aka coolredneck090

  • KR1PS
  • Court Wizard

    aka KR1PT0N

  • colpridenyc
  • Master of Arms

  • rvd619
  • Master of the Treasury

    aka eddaket

  • SabinN
  • Elite Soldier

    Unleashed Revolution Ranking System

  • Soldier/Spy:
  • Elite Soldier/Spy:
  • War Lord:
  • Court Wizard:
  • Strike/Defense Leader:
  • Lord of the Revolution:

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    ringwraith Apr 27, 2005, 10:29 pm
    Original comment by Shadow

    "do you want somebody's ass kicked ? ask your alliance members to do so ! that's where an alliance is all about, after all"
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