G-U Members Dark Throne


Unleashed Revolution Leadership


Lord of the Revolution

transmuter48 is Level 41 Elf Fighter

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Strike Force Leader

MrOverlord is a Level 51 Elf Assassin

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Defense Force Leader

Meldince is a Level 59 Elf Assassin

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Lord Nico

War Lord

Lord Nico is a Level 28 Human Assassin

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Where Am I

War Lord

Where Am I is a Level 92 Undead Assassin

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Court Wizard

KR1PS is a Level 79 Human Cleric


Master of Arms

colpridenyc is a Level 10 Undead Assassin

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Master of the Treasury

rvd619 is a Level 44 Undead Assassin

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Elite Soldier

SabinN is a Level 28 Human Fighter

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