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Welcome to the vehicles guide. In this guide you can find all information AND screenshots of all vehicles. If you dont have the game yet it is fun to see how the vehicles look like.


The Humvee is very heavy. That makes the car slower, but the car is stronger, you can climb much higher mountens than the buggy. You got 2 weapons on it, the rocket launcher and the Machine gun. Thats why its better armed than the Buggy. You can get 3 people in the Humvee. Its a save vehicle, because its hard to destroy the vehicle (its easy with the rocket launcher).

Full screenshot


The Buggy is very light. That makes the car very fast. Its armed, but not armed enough to beat the Humvee. The Buggy is not made for climbing mountens, its just for going somewhere. Its a fast way to get over the terrain. It has only an machine gun on it, nothing else.

Full screenshot


The bigtrack is actually for fun. You can transport things in it, but thats the only thing you can do with it, but its a cool truck.

Full screenshot


The Forklit is for fun (just like the bigtrack). It looks cool, but its good for fun.

Full screenshot


The Paraglider is a real good transport vehicle. You can use it to fly around the islands. You start on a mounten, then you get slowly down. But you can fly a very long distance with the paraglider.

Full screenshot

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