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Welcome to the Far Cry -> Enemies section. You can find here information and screenshots of all enemies. When you see an error; feel free to contact me.


As group leaders, these mercs don military-like clothing. A commander gives commands and organizes coordinated attacks. He issues orders to lower-ranked mercs and will refrain from entering the fray so long as the men under his command survive. If the commander is killed, the remaining enemies will no longer work as a group.

Grunt Mercenarie

Dressed in simple t-shirts and fatigues, these mercs are your basic grunt enemy, filling the islands like lice.

Cover Mercenarie

Easily identifiable due to their height and trendy berets, these big guys wear special armor and fight harder than most of their counterparts. They'll often charge the player, unafraid of taking a lot of bullets while doing it. Normally positioned on the front line, they are the first to fight and will relentlessly hunt the player once he's sighted.

Scout Mercenarie

Trained to move quietly and work as a team, these smaller mercs love to flank players and are decked out with flak jackets.

Rear Guard Mercenarie

Armed with grenades and wearing flak jackets, these dangerous mercs are highly trained in the use of explosives and mid-range weapons.


Decked out in all-black and armed with sniper weapons, these mercs are highly trained in long-range weaponry. They are extremely effective killers, and should be considered one of your most frightening foes.

Indoor Guard

Outfitted with guard uniforms, these mercs patrol indoor environments and should be considered more dangerous than their outdoor counterparts.

Shield Guard

Armed with extensive riot gear, these mercs can prove formidable enemy.

Elite Guard

You can recognize Elites by their terrifying gas masks and special thermo-vision goggles. These bad-asses are incredibly strong and extremely dangerous.

Evil Worker

Clothed in coveralls, these poor saps might just as well be cannon fodder. They infest the inhabited part of the islands doing odd jobs and alerting mercenaries to the player's presence.

Senior Scientist

Identifiable by their lab coats, they can be found throughout the science labs.

Core Engineer

These brave souls can usually be found in the most dangerous and frightening parts of the laboratories. You'll recognize them by their biohazard suits.

Junior Scientist

Identifiable by their lab coats, they can be found throughout the science labs.

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