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Welcome to the Far Cry -> Cheats section. In here you can find almost every cheat that exists in Far Cry. When you find a cheat, please contact me.

Console commands

There are allot of console commands. To get the console you need to press: ' .

Command Effect
\map archive
\map boat
\map bunker
\map carrier
\map catacombs
\map control
\map cooler
\map dam
\map factory
\map fort
\map pier
\map rebellion
\map regulator
\map research
\map river
\map steam
\map swamp
\map training
\map treehouse
\map vulcano

Loads the map Archive
Loads the map Boat
Loads the map Bunker
Loads the map Carrier
Loads the map Catacombs
Loads the map Control
Loads the map Cooler
Loads the map Dam
Loads the map Factory
Loads the map Fort
Loads the map Pier
Loads the map Rebellion
Loads the map Regulator
Loads the map Research
Loads the map River
Loads the map Steam
Loads the map Swamp
Loads the map Training
Loads the map Treehouse
Loads the map Vulcano
Loads the last checkpoint
Saves the game

Developer Mode commands

First off, you need to download the new DevMode.lua (3 kb) for enabling the cheats. Make a backup of the old DevMode.lua (located in the main Far Cry directory) first! When you did that, you can set the new DevMode.lua on its place (the main Far Cry directory). Now you need to make a shortcut of Far Cry. When you did that you need to do right click on the shortcut and go to properties. Go to the tab thats called "shortcut", now you see a few fields. Go to the field: Target. Fill in after the ": -DEVMODE. So it will look like this if its installed in the default folder:

"C:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Crytek\Far Cry\Bin32\FarCry.exe" -DEVMODE

When you did that you will be able to use the following keys for cheats.

Key Effect

Toggles camera modes
Move to next checkpoint
Spawn point
Toggle no-clip mode
Default speed
Save current position
Load current position
Toggle extra information
Increase speed
Decrease speed
Toggle god mode
Gives 999 ammo
Gives all weapons

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