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- created by Chaos-Energy

Everyone who played Need for Speed: Underground 2 knows that Brooke Burke was starring in it.
This time it's another model named Josie Maran. Some of you might know her from the film Van Helsing.

In NFS: Most Wanted she will guide you trough the game and give useful information and tips for moving up the Blacklist and becoming the most wanted driver!

Maran will play a character named Mia who is a street racer.

1. Clarence Callahan "Razor"
Ride: Ford Mustang, BMW M3 GTR
Razor rocketed to the top of the Blacklist using your ride. Now he's holding it down and rolling the streets like he owns them. He'll do anything he can to give himself an edge. That includes messin' with your head. Remember, you can't trust anything he says.

6. Hector Domingo "Ming"
Ride: Lamborghini Gallardo
This here is Ming. He prides himself on keeping his ride looking stock. He's fast and shreds radar traps everywhere he can. He's the straight goods. Word is he got his ride from some rich cat who talked when he should have been listening. Don't take 'm on until you're ready

7. Kira Nakazato "Kaze"
Ride: CLK 500
Kaze is crazy. What she can't conquer with skills, she demolishes with speed. Don't let her sweet looks fool ya. She'll trash anything she sees, including you. She's not afraid to ding her ride to put you out of commission.

8. Jade Barrett "Jewels"
Ride: Ford Mustang GT
This sweet thing goes by the name Jewels. She's all about big block and muscle. She's got a lot of mileage under her wheels do don't be tempted to do anything stupid. She's got some serious power under the hood.

9. Eugene James "Earl"
Ride: Lancer Evolution VIII
This guy hails from the lower eastside of Rockport but now rides on the coast. He's a big fan of imports and goes out of his way to take on the big blocks.

10. Karl Smit "Baron"
Ride: Porsche Cayman S
This flake calls himself "Baron". He's a rich guy from the coast. He thinks garage custom is an excuse for being broke. As far as he's concerned, "if it's not name brand, it's nothing." Go show 'm what home grown rides can do.

11. Lou Park "Big Lou"
Ride: Mitsubishi Eclipse
This slab of Korean muscle considers himself a real ladies man. He's all show. Rumor has it; he panics around the cops and bails on races the first chance he gets. Along with that they say he has problems working the clutch so he's slow off the line. I wouldn't count on it if I was you.

12. Isabel Diaz "Izzy"
Ride: RX-8
Izzy is definitely a chick you don't want to mess with. She knows everything there is about cars, on and off the road. She's got her ride wired tight. She comes from a long line of race fanatics. Everybody she runs with is either a cousin, friend or uncle. They all stick close so don't get on her bad side.

13. Victor Vasquez "Vic"
Ride: Toyota Supra
This dude's been holding it down in the #13 slot for a while now. He can't break out of his rut and no one can run him out. He's slach and dangerous but knows how to handle his ride. He'll smoke you if he gets the chance.

14. Vince Kilic "Taz"
Ride: IS 300
This crazy fool is a major heat score. Blacklist gave him the name "Taz". He hates cops and they hate him. Watch yourself around this guy. He prowls the streets of Rosewood looking for newbies.

15. Ho Seun "Sonny"
Ride: VW Golf GTI
This here is Sonny. He's dumped a whole lot of cash into his car. That ride is worked so don't be fooled, it's a rocket. He does anything he can to get a hold of parts before they hit the streets.

Here is the complete Blacklist with names of the drivers and their cars:

1. Clarence Callahan "Razor" - BMW M3 GTR
2. Butt - SLR McLaren
3. Roonie - Aston Martin DB9
4. Joe Vega "JV" - Dodge Viper SRT-10
5. Webster - Corvette C6
6. Hector Domingo "Ming" - Lamborghini Gallardo
7. Kira Nakazato "Kaze" - CLK 500
8. Jewels - Ford Mustang GT
9. Eugene James "Earl" - Lancer Evolution VIII
10. Karl Smit "Baron" - Cayman S
11. Lou Park "Big Lou" - Mitsubishi Eclipse
12. Isabel Diaz "Izzy" - RX-8
13. Victor Vasquez "Vic" - Toyota Supra
14. Vince Kilic "Taz" - IS 300
15. Ho Seun "Sonny" - VW Golf GTI

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Jonny G May 7, 2006, 06:33 am
sweet characters
Vercetti Feb 13, 2006, 07:47 pm
Are some pics comin of there car ?
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