Storyline NFS Most Wanted



- created by Chaos-Energy

Need for Speed: Underground 2 had a very bad storyline. EA Games wanted to fix this in Most Wanted and it seems there doing a pretty good job.

The story of NFS:U2 was told in a comic book style. In Most Wanted it will be told in movies with filmed actors.

The game starts with a flashback of a race. You are a nameless racer with a nicely tuned BMW M3 who is at the start line together with Razor for a pink slip race. But some friends of Razor sabotaged your car so Razor would win. And so he does and now he has your BMW.

After the race you get some cash from Mia (Josie Maran) to buy a new set of wheels and work your way up the blacklist.

You'll have to race, destroy and get a bad name with the cops to race against other tuners on the blacklist and take their places until you get to the top and beat Razor who now drives your BMW M3.

For more info about the blacklist characters and Mia, check the characters page.

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