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- created by Nico & Chaos-Energy

I'll try to update this page as much as possible, enjoy!

550MB, System Requirements
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Patch 1.3
This 12.19MB patch will upgrade your game from 1.2 to 1.3, fixing a number of bugs:

* Fixed problem with user not being returned to the offline main menu when losing their connection.
* Users are no longer returned to the offline main menu after a LAN race.
* Fixed host hanging in an empty game room after exiting a race.
* Users are now able to find LAN races created through Quick Race.
* Fixed issue where the game will softlock and lose focus when clicking on 'Continue' in the [create new account] screen when information is entered but not confirmed in one of the first four fields.
* Corrected number of laps in Knockout race event in Blacklist 15.
* Fixed problem where users are disconnected from LAN after finishing a race.
* Fixed issue with backround disappearing when mouse clicking the 'Statistics' button during the Hurry Up timer.
* Fixed a crash in the Foreign Registration Alert screen if the user clicks the back button.
* Fixed a crash when backing out and re-entering the Rap Sheet using the mouse.
* Clicking the back button during the Rap Sheet intro now returns the user to the Main Menu.
* Fixed issue with the interior of the car sometimes disappearing during gameplay.
* Fixed performance parts not showing up unless profile loaded.
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Turn your European PC NFS:MW into the Black Edition!
This patch allows you to do the Black Edition challenges in the game and gives all the extra cars that are only in the NFS:MW Black Edition.
>> Download now!.

Camera hack
This little mod (180KB) gives you ten new camera views, such as a dashboard view! Check this to see what this does exactly!
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NFS:MW Menu Tweaker
Bored of the default menu? This little tool allows you to choose four different backgrounds for the menu.
>> Download now!

NFS:MW Optimizer
This nifty tool allows you to edit some settings like the rain and blur effect.
>> Download now!

NFS:MW Trainer +12
This trainer allows you to teleport to a spot that you saved before, change your speed and much more. It only works with version 1.2
>> Download now!

Shop Special 1.0
With this tool by Steffi240690 you can add bonus & special cars to the shop in career mode! Instead of 32 cars, you will get about 50. The installer is in German, but once it's installed, you can change the language to English.
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Music Extractor
This nifty little program will convert all the music from the game to .WAV files, so you can play them whenever you like!
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Movie Extractor
What this little program does is convert all the movies from the game to .AVI files, so you can play them whenever you like!
>> Download now!

Stay tuned for mods!

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Briandelacruz07 Oct 31, 2007, 01:34 am
ive patch my pc into black edition(1.3) but i don't have extra cars please tell me how to get those patches to have more cars please especially nico plzzzzz.....
PolishPlayer Jan 4, 2006, 04:49 am
I wish i had pc and ps2 versions of all my games. Especialy San Andreas cause id love to downloadall those cars cause the ones in the game aint that hot.
Chris_Gau Dec 27, 2005, 08:07 am
I'm glad to see the tool "Music Extractor",I like to edit wave files very much.I'm not good at English.Is there any mistakes in my words?
chaosenergy Dec 8, 2005, 09:03 pm
I like the camera hack, finally a camera in the car.
Nico Dec 6, 2005, 06:39 pm
If you know any more downloads, tell us here!
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