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Review by Nico

Gameplay - 9/10

Smooth arcade action with a thrilling sense of speed only few games have. Your ride will drift around impossible corners at rediculous speed, without ever breaking down. The streets are laid out very dynamically; with lots of fun corners, tight shortcuts and jumps. Every car drives noticeably different from the other, so changing cars will definately keep the fun going. A new feature is the Speedbreaker, which puts you in slow-motion for a moment - very useful! The nitro system has again changed: it constantly refills now.

Graphics - 8/10

At first, this game looks fabulous. But after playing for a while, I've noticed some serious flaws. First for the good: the cars are very nicely detailed, from the tire textures to the lights. The courses look very varied, with always a nice backdrop running by as you woosh through the streets. The menus are also very slick, with its cool graffiti-theme. The cutscenes look downright stunning(to bad there aren't a lot of them), quite realistic but looking very blurry and colourful - they're pretty funny too. And the whole game is overflown with wonderful yellowish lighting effects, not really that realistic - but damn it looks good! And the motion blur-effect, NFS trademark since Underground, just gets looking better. But enough about the good stuff - let's talk about the lesser parts now. The textures of pretty much whole of the world look pretty blurry from up close. Sure, while racing you don't really notice it. But when you're standing still, the ugly textures really get annoying - a large contrast with the sharp car models. Also the graphics for on your car are from a bad quality, making another ugly contrast.

Sound - 8/10

The game sounds pretty much like it should. The car sounds are excellent, with most cars sounding quite different, and car upgrades make your ride sound different. The music is decent, with a good selection of cool tracks - it could be slightly better though. The voice acting is almost perfect, atleast I think so. For the rest there are the standard beeps and klinks for in the menu.

Originality - 9/10

Loads of functions, whistles&bells... Few racing games offer this many. I'd almost say, no racing games offer this many!

Improvings on the previous game - 8/10

Racing in daylight is much more fun, the graphics are greatly improved, much cooler cars are added(such as the BMW, Lambo, Corvette...), better cutscenes, better story... But there seem to be less customizing options, which makes it harder to make a really personalized car.

Longevity - 10/10

The career mode will take you quite some time to get through. Then there are the challenges, quick race, online and ofcourse the fun of pimping some rides! This game will get you hooked for a long time.

Overall - 9/10

Arguably the best PC-racer around!

Review by Chaos-Energy

Gameplay - 9/10

The biggest difference between Underground 2 and Most Wanted is afcourse the cops. The game is based more on that instead of the tuning part. A few mods were taken out of the game like neons, since you race at day, and audio in your trunk. Most of you wont miss it because you still have spoilers, exhausts, body kits and more to personalize your ride. All of this also helps if you have a high "heat" level and want to get rid of it. Just change paint or put some new parts on it and your wanted level will decrease. Sometimes you will really need this because you don't want to lose your car by getting caught by a group of Corvette C6 police cars and a few SUVs. But if you get caught anyway it's good to have another car in your safehouse. This shouldn't be a problem because you have over 30 cars to choose from.

Graphics - 9/10 / 10/10

This score varies from platform to platform. If your pc can handle full detail then it will look a bit nicer than the console versions of the games. Except afcourse the next-gen Xbox 360. EA did a great job with the graphics. From car reflections, shadows and just the look of the game. It's all wonderful!

Sound - 8/10

The music in Most Wanted is, most of the time, awesome. The only bad thing about it is the constant same tune when you're in a police chase. The sound of the cars, crashes and cops are also very nice but they could've made some more crash noises instead of always the sound of glass breaking.

Story - 7/10

First of all, I want to make clear that I'm comparing the story to the previous NFS games and other race games. For a race game the story is quite good. You start with a really nice tuned BMW M3 GTR when you start earning respect. You win a few races and you meet blacklist number 15, Razor. He drives a Ford Mustang GT and you challenge him to a pink slip for the cars and the blacklist spot. Everything goes well until you notice that Razor's crew tampered with your car. You were leaking oil from the start and because of that your car will stop driving after a while. Razor takes your car and uses it to get to the number 1 spot of the blacklist. Now you have to start from scratch and work your way up the blacklist to race against Razor again.

My opinion

Awesome game, a must have for all racing fans. If you don't like racing that much you should at least rent it.

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killer loop Jan 18, 2006, 02:40 pm
This game is the top of all nfs!
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