100% Completion GTA Libery City Stories


GTA: Liberty City Stories 100% Completion Page

This is a 100% Completion page: all what you need to do to complete the game 100%.

What you need to do:
  • All Storyline Missions
  • All Side Missions
  • All Hidden Packages
  • All Car Missions
  • All Rampages
  • All Unique Jumps

Note: Expect a longer development time for our interactive maps on all those Hidden Packages etc., because of the number of different objects that are in the game.

Full Missions List:


Vincenzo Cilli Missions
Dealing Revenge
Smash and Grab
Hot Wheels
The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

JD O'Toole Missions
Bone Voyeur!
Done in 60 Seconds
A Volatile Situation
Blow Up "Dolls"
Salvatore's Salvation
The Guns of Leone
Calm Before the Storm
Made Man

Ma Cipriani
Snappy Dresser
Big Rumble in Little China
Grease Sucho
Dead Meat
No Son of Mine

Salvatore Leone Missions
The Offer
Ho Selecta!
Rollercoaster Ride
Sindacco Sabotage
The Trouble With Triads
Driving Mr. Leone

Maria Missions
Shop 'till you Strop
Taken for a Ride
Booby Prize
Biker Heat
Overdose of Trouble


Salvatore Leone Missions (2)
A Walk in the Park
Making Toni
Caught in the Act
Search and Rescue
Taking the Peace
Shoot the Messanger

Donald Love Missions
The Morgue Party Candidate
Steering the Vote
Friggin' the Riggin'
Love & Bullets
Counterfeit Count
Love on the Rocks

Leon McAffery Missions
Sayonara Sindaccos
The Whole 9 Yardies
Crazy '69'
Night of the Living Dreads
Munitions Dump

Church Confessional Missions
L.C Confidential
The Passion of the Heist
False Idols


Salvatore Leone Missions (3)
Rough Justice
Dead Reckoning
Shogun Showdown
The Shoreside Redemption

Donald Love Missions (2)
Panlantic Land Grab
Stop the Press
Morgue Party Resurrection
No Money, Mo' Problems
Bringing the House Down
Love on the Run


Toshiko Kasen Missions
More Deadly than the Male
Cash Clash
A Date with Death
Cash in Kazuki's Chips


Salvatore Leone Missions (4)
The Sicilian Gambit


Slash TV
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Car Salesman
Noodle Punk
RC Thrashin'
Scrap Yard Heap
Bumps and Grinds
Scooter Shooter
Race 1
Race 2
9mm Mayhem
RC Triad Take-down
Avenging Angels

Stauntan Island
Go Go Faggio
Bike Salesman
Pizza Boy
Avenging Angels
Bike Race
Carazy Giveaway
RC Ragin

Shoreside Vale
Car Race
Bike Race
Avenging Angels
AWOL Angel
RC Race
See the Sight Before your flight

R3 Missions
Taxi (100 Fares)
Vigilante (beat level 12)
Firefighter (beat level 12)
Paramedic (beat level 12)
Trash Dash (all 3 islands)

100 Hidden Packages

26 Unique Jumps

20 Rampages
If anything is not valid, please say so in the comments module.

By eddaket

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Jaiszon69 Sep 7, 2009, 07:23 pm
To get the one on top of the Gas station, you need a PCJ-600. Drive into the Car sales yard. Get up against the chainlink fence on the west of the yard. Drive at full speed into the wall surrounding the gas stationa and you should go flying off the bike, over the wall and onto the roof of gas station.

Fot the one in the construction site, you need to complete the JD O'Toole mission, "Blow Up Dolls". When the building is destoyed. you should see a ramp made by the rubble. Again you need a PCJ-600. This one is hard now. You need enough speed to get up this ramp, over the El Train tracks, and onto the multi-storey building being constructed. get off your bike, look over the south-east side of the building to the package, then walk off the side when you've located it.

Need any help getting those hard to reach packages? Email me on jaiszon@hotmail.com
gta4life Aug 24, 2009, 01:04 pm
hey every one im new here and i need some help with packages

There is a package on top of an amco station near capital autos in Saint Marks and i cant get it.

Theres another package in the construction site in hepburn heights
on top of a doorway. I cant get that either cause you cant get cars in there. give me a way to get these packages
GTA Kings Aug 6, 2009, 02:59 am
Hey I need help in Portland in the construction site close to the pay n spray is the RC Thrashin thing do I need to beat my high score (48) second lap to beat the whole thing cuz I beat all three races
MortDaLemur Jul 20, 2009, 05:32 am
Anyone know where Go Go Faggio is located?
Mr.Diaz Dec 13, 2008, 01:46 am
So u r saying that i should not buy this game. Because it kinda takes the storyline of gta SA. :p
oodiesmith Nov 20, 2008, 02:01 am
Well, I just played LCS to 100%. I've done VC, VCS, GTA III and SA all to 100%, but I enjoyed this one least. Simply LCS is a CRAP game. The radio is about as amusing as leprosy, crap music and just damned annoying. But most of all, i worked hard to win the Avenger and the armoured Landstalker, only to have them deleted while in the garage. My best advice is DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. It's almost put me off GTA altogether.
greasysweet11 Aug 16, 2008, 07:03 am
does the bridge between portland and staynton island ever open for the public if so can some one plz let me know
ajwest747 Jul 21, 2008, 11:39 pm
to get infinite ammo you must beat the game 100%, this applies for all gta games.
aerosmith9453 Feb 17, 2008, 02:20 pm
i need help on the portland hidden packages how do i get to the islands to pick up the packages?
Berkley Sep 17, 2007, 05:42 pm
Thanks I was looking for that weapon.
Mikey2tha-G@vnz Apr 30, 2007, 12:46 pm
the sawn-off shotgun is behind a billboard in wichita gardens
the billboard is aroun the old safehouse in gta 3 (the one u use in gta 3 for shoreside vale)
FBIagent Mar 24, 2007, 07:49 am
when im playing the LCS with PSP i often use the leone sentinel 2 past missions....
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