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- created by Chaos-Energy

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GTA: LCS Cheat Device Installation Tutorial by Chaos-Energy

Video tutorial for installing Cheat Device. This does not work on FW 2.7 & up!
Update: You can not just rename the map, this will make the savegame corrupt. I'm very sorry if I caused any damage.

Size: 3,59MB

Download Video Tutorial
GTA: LCS Cheat Device v10d by Edison Carter

The GTA guru Edison Carter has made an awesome program that lets you do some pretty cool cheats. It's just an edited savegame. This does not work on FW 2.7 & up!

Size: 258Kb

Download US version US version
Download Europe/Australia version Europe/Australia version
CheatSync v0.4.2 by AdePSP

This little program allows you to quickly use a cheat, either one you made or from someone else!
To register or if you want to learn more about it go to the CheatSync site.
Size: 529Kb

Download CheatSync

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