Walkthrough2 GTA Libery City Stories



- created by Chaos-Energy

This guide will only cover the storyline missions and contains spoilers!


Introduction Mission

The game starts with Toni getting off a bus in Chinatown. From there he goes to his former boss, Salvatore Leone and a new face, Vincenzo Chili. Vincenzo takes you to a little appartment wich will serve as your savehouse. Now if you're not familiar with Liberty City yet. Drive around for a while to get to know the first part, Portland.

Vincenzo Chili


It seems that someone isn't doing his job as a drugdealer very well. So you have to make sure he does. Drive to the blip on the map (it will be close to Salvatore's house) and pick up the drug dealer. He'll tell you he's sick and he can't work and that the Sindaccos own chinatown but you just take him to Chinatown to let the dealer do his job.
Reward: $100

Dealing Revenge

The durg dealer you drove before is dead. He got killed by some Sindaccos and now it's payback time. Drive to the blip in Chinatown and punch, shoot or drive the dealer to death. Do the same with the other 2 and it's done.
Reward: $500 and you unlocked the Car Salesman mission in Saint Mark's


We finally get a gun! Drive to Ammunation to get a free pistol and take it to the construction site in Hepburn Heights. When you enter you'll see 2 Sindaccos, kill those. When you continue you'll see another Sindacco near a red barrel, if you like explosions shoot the barrel. Now another guy might come running to you from the left or is already behind you so look to your left and kill him too. When you done that, run past the corner, run towards the guy behind the car and kill him. Take his cellphone and JD will give you a ring. Take the car, respray it and preferably put it in your garage since it's the best car in Portland and handy for the races.
Reward: $500, a Hellenbach GT and JD as new boss

Smash and Grab

Some Leone's messed up a raid and now you got to go save their asses. Take a four seater car (the Kuruma at Vincenzo will do fine) and drive to the gas station in Harwood. Go past the cops and wait for the mobs to get in your car. Then drive to the nearest Pay n' Spray and from there drive to Vincenzo.
Reward: $1,000

Hot Wheels

Vincenzo tells you to get a car full of drugs and go to one of his lockups. Go to the Portland Docks to pick up the car (wich is a Banshee) and there you'll see that Vincenzo has set you up. 2 cop cars will block the way but there will be a gap at the right so ride trough the gap but immediatly go left unless you want to get a chase with flat tires. Now drive to the Pay n' Spray and get the car to the lock-up. Once there Vincenzo will phone you and you'll have a fight with him. You get pissed and decide to dump the car so drive to the crusher in Harwood and wait until the car gets crushed. You'll receive some junk value but nothing more.
Reward: Junk value of the Banshee

JD O'Toole (Don't wear the Leone suit)

Bone Voyeur

Once you get to the sex club you'll meet JD in a gimp suit. Try not to look at it if you don't like washing your eyes. Toni will ask for his money that you borrowed JD some time ago but JD doesn't have it yet so you and JD get in the truck and get some money from JD's hoes. Most of them just walk on the street so drive near them and they'll run too you. There's one that is currently busy with a customer so honk your horn to get her attention and one is being harrased by another pimp so kill the pimp and take the money.
Reward: $500

Don In 60 Seconds

Very easy, even if you suck at driving you can hardly mess this one up. The police are going to raid the sex club and Salvatore is inside. JD will get him out but you'll have to drive him away from the cops so do a 180° turn and get into the Pay n' Spray. From there drive Salvatore to his place.
Rewards: Salvatore as boss

A Volatile Situation

JD tells you that the Sindaccos are planning a hit on a Leone casino so you have to stop him. Buy a SMG and some bullets for it and maybe pick up the AK on top of JD's sex club and the body armor under the pier across the diner at Callahan Point. Then go to the blip on the map and you'll see 2 Leone guys wich will be helping you trough the mission. The Sindaccos will come in 4 waves. The first 2 they will just take their gang cars, the 3rd time a Patriot and the 4th time a truck with a bom. The first three can easily be defeated with just some drive-by's before they reach the casino. The truck is highly recommended to drive-by first because if it reaches the casino you have 20 seconds to move the truck to a safe distance but the truck is crippled in first gear so it goes very slow.
Reward: $1,000

Blow Up Dolls

Payback time! JD tells you that the Sindaccos have a casino where they get most of their income from. So let's blow it up. This might sound hard but it's really easy. Just take the Sindacco Argento outside the strip club and rig it with a bomb at 8-Ball in Saint Mark. Then drive to the Dolls House and the Sindaccos will let you trough because you're in their gang car. Just park it at the marked spot and run away, press the button and enjoy the show.
Reward: $5,000

Ma Cipriani

Snappy Dresser

Your ma should've gave you a ring by now. If not you probally rushed the missions and you just walk around for a few minutes and wait for the call. Now your ma doesn't think your a real man, she even likes another guy better. Giovanni Casa is his name. Now go to your safehouse and pick up your camera. Take a car and drive to Casa's deli. He'll get into his van, follow him until he stops somewhere in Chinatown. He'll take some hoes with him and he'll start driving again. Follow him again until he stops desolate place across the diner in Callahan Point. From there he'll put on a diaper and chase the hoes around. Now take a photo of him and he'll freak out and run away. Then drive to Ma's restaurant to give her the photo. Mission done, and ma still ain't happy.
Reward: $100

Big Rumble in Little China

Ma thinks Toni is afraid of the Triads. well lets show her that he ain't. Get a car that can take a pounding and go to the moving blip. It's a bulletproof Triad fish truck so you have to ram it until the Triads get out. Then either drive over them or shoot them. When you got them, go to Chinatown to kill the next group of Triads. You can't get in this ally with a car, only with a motorcycle or on foot. Kill those Triads and you're done.
Reward: Nothing

Grease Sucho

Yup, ma is complaining again. This time about the cars you drive. So now you have to pove yourself worthy with a car. So get a fast car (any proper car will do) and get to the starting line. As long as you dont drive the manana it shouldn't be a problem. Unless you're a horrible driver.
Reward: $1,000 and you unlocked the racing mission wich can be started at the payphone in Trenton

Dead Meat

Even with the photo with Casa in a diaper, ma still thinks he's a better man than you. She says you dont have his guts, now Toni takes this a bit serious. So now we're going to get Casa's guts. Drive to his deli to pick him up for a little chat. Drive to the sawmill in Atlantic Quays and go in. Now you'll turn on a big saw in a cutscene wich scares Casa. Use the cleaver to kill him. Toni will carry the meat in a truck but an eye-witness saw you so he called the cops. Get to the Pay n' Spray and then drive to Casa's deli. One of his employees will take a look at the meat and buys it. Fresh, Casa sauasages!
Reward: $500

No Son of Mine

Get a body armor, some SMG ammo and maybe some molotov cocktails if you know where they are found.
Ma still isn't satisfied and now she called a hit on you! So there are 4 waves of hitmen coming to you. As long as you have body armor it should go fine. I've never even had half of my body armor gone so it shouldn't be hard. Kill all the waves and you'll finish the mission. Also since the hitmen are paid they will do whatever it takes to do the job so every now and then a hitman will spot you on the street and follow you and try to kill you. Dont worry if that happens, just drive away and you'll probaly lose him. If he catches you dont worry, it's only one guy.
Reward: Nothing

Salvatore Leone

The Offer

Salvatore wants the union on his side. So you have to deliver some money to union boss Jane Hopper at the Portland Docks. So drive there and you'll see a cutscene with Jane Hopper collecting the money but she won't do what Salvatore tells her. You'll see 2 men appearing behind Toni and after the cutscene 4 guys will start running to you and punching you. Now you have to get away from the docks alive with the strikers behind you and they can run faster then you. Some of them have molotov cocktails so if you aren't flameproof you might have some problems.
Reward: $500

Ho Selecta!

If you played GTA3 and remember the Fuzz Ball mission from Luigi you'll have no problems with this. The only difference is that this time you have to deliver 6 hookers and the drop-off point is the Portland Docks. Get the Mafia Sentinel outside Salvatore's house and pick up 3 hoes at a time. You'll have plenty of time.
Reward: $500


Let's scare the hell out of the union leaders. Get a Mafia Sentinel or another car with good durability. Now start ramming the cars of the union leaders until they get out. If you rammed them enough they immediatly start screaming. If not just punch them 2 or 3 times and they'll run away scared. NEVER KILL THEM.
Reward: $1,000 and you unlocked the Avenging Angels missions

Rollercoaster Ride

Now it's time for the union boss, Jane Hopper to change her mind. Grab the PCJ-600 and drive to the Head Radio HQ in Harwood. You'll see a limo outside with a chauffeur. Kill the chauffeur, take his costume and get in the limo. Jane Hopper will get out of the Head Radio building and into the car. Now drive around and scare the hell out of her by driving into things and do some stuns until she's scared enough and she agrees to do what Salavatore tells her. Now drop her off at the ferry docking station.
Reward: $1,000

Maria Leone

Shop 'till You Strop

Let's take Salvatore's wife out shopping. The only problem is, she ain't paying for the stuff. You drive her to 2 different stores. The first store will only give you 1 wanted star but the second shop will give 3 stars so you'll to spray them off unless you like driving around for Police Bribes or ch34t1ng. After Maria's stealing spree, bring her back to her appartement.
Reward: $100

Taken For A Ride

Maria wants drugs! So sinds you're her fido drive her to a dealer. But when you get there you notice it's a Sindacco dealer. Well she stills go in the car and the Sindaccos drive off. Follow them and shoot/ram them a bit but don't let the car explode. When it's damaged enough they will get out so either run them over or shoot them. After that Maria will get out and you get to bring her home.
Reward: $500

Booby Prize

Guess what, Maria got herself in trouble again! She gave herself up as first prize of a biker race. So get a bike (PCJ-600 or Manchez for easy victory) and win the race. It's a short race so get the lead ASAP. When you win Maria will still go off with a biker named Wayne. O well, nice try.
Reward: Nothing

Biker Heat

Get some SMG ammo.
When you get to her appartment you see Maria crying on her bed beaten up. You ask her what she has taken but she seemed to be beaten up by Wayne. So let's go kill him. At the end of the cutscene you'll hear the famous line "I love you Toni". Now drive to Wayne's hideout spot. Once you get there he will take off so grab a bike and follow him. At the first part it will be quite tough to take him down but once you get to a long road you can easily take him out with a few shots of your SMG. Once he's dead you passed the mission. Also take his PCJ-600 because it is bulletproof.
Reward: $1,500 and a bulletproof PCJ-600

Overdose of Trouble

Yet again Maria is in trouble. You'll find her totally stoned in her appartment and tells you she's going to OD so you got to get her some zap. She tells her that she left some at the diner in Callahan Point so drive there. Once you got there she'll tell you on an irritated voice like it's your fault, that this is the spot where Wayne used to hang out. You'll see a small cutscene with a biker yelling to his biker fellows that it's Maria and the guy who killed Wayne so now they'll keep following you. Maria will tell you that she left some zap behind some garbage in Hepburn Heights. Once there she notices that the garbage has been taken. Now you have to drive to her appartment for some zap. Once again it's wrong, she meant Salvatore's place, not hers! Now drive to Salvatore's place to finally finish the mission with Maria in a bad mood.
Reward: Nothing

Salvatore Leone


Salvatore wants you to pick up some drugs from the Columbian Cartel. So take the Mafia Sentinel outside and pick up some backup. Now drive to the Portland docks (be sure you have weapons) and before you enter the marker pickup the body armor, you might need it. After a small cutscene with Miguel a FBI car and 2 police cars will show up and you'll have to kill the Columbians and if you have enough life cap the policemen too. Once you're done jack the Patriot and spray it. Now drop it off at Salvatore's place.
Reward: $1,000

JD O'Toole (Don't wear the Leone suit)

Salvatore's Salvation

When you show up at JD you'll see his upset. After a long chat of bullsh*t you'll hear that Salvatore has been kidnapped by the Sindaccos. When you get out of the ally JD will notice one of the kidnappers so follow him. Once he arrives to his destination get in the alley he stopped near and try to run over 1 or 2 guys. Another one will always escape. Don't follow him but immediatly drive to the crusher in Harwood and park your car at the space so it will be picked up but DON'T leave the car. When you see the car of the kidnapper come near, get out your car so the crane will pick your car up first. Kill the Sindacco guy(s) and steal the car back. Now drive to Salvatore's place.
Reward: $1.500

The Guns of Leone

JD will tell you that Salvatore's pissed and is coming down here to kill every Sindacco he sees. You have to make sure he's going to survive. Go on the roof of the building across the street and pickup the Sniper Rifle. Now you'll see Salvatore run a Sindacco over and other Sindacco's will get out of a van and start shooting at him and his bodyguards. Now use the rifle to help Salvatore a bit (read kill them all). When the 3rd wave appears you'll have to move a bit to see the Sindaccos. You'll notice an adrenaline pill so take it, it helps a lot with a Sniper Rifle. Kill the remaining Sindacco and some cops will appear. Kill those too and Salvatore will run in the sex club and shoot another Sindacco all on his own! *clapclap*
Reward: $3,000

Calm Before the Storm

**This is the mission where you can fly with a helicopter a bit**
Salvatore is having a meeting but he smells a rat. Drive to Salvatore's place and you'll see Massimo get in a helicopter. You can easily follow the helicopter so don't worry. First he'll fly to Hepburn Heights and land there. You'll see a small cutscene with a few Diablo's. After that he'll fly to Chinatown where he will land on a roof. Get up the stairs to the yellow marker. You'll eavesdrop a conversation but you'll get caught so shoot the Triads. Once they're all dead it's over.
Reward: $1,000

How to get the helicopter:
Instead of walking to the yellow marker on the roof, use a bike to get on the roof and drive past the marker. Now it wont be activated and you can just get in the helicopter. Note that when you get a bit too far away you'll fail the mission and the helicopter will be gone so you fall down.

The Made Man

When you arrive at JD's club you'll see him overexcited. He's going to be made! Once outside the alley you'll see Mickey waiting for JD and you. Now drive to the meet wich is at the junkyard in Harwood. On the way 2 Sindacco cars will follow you so just drive-by those. Once you're at the junkyard you'll see Mickey aim his python at JD and... there goes JD. Salvatore didn't trust him enough... Now the car is covered in blood so dump it. But not with the crusher, in the water! When you drive on the road too long the cops will notice the car and you'll get a 2 star wanted level. Just drop off Mickey and drive to the Portland Docks. Now speed to the water and before the edge jump out of the car. (Note that Toni will roll a bit so jump out soon enough) When the car is sunk the mission is over.
Reward: $1,500


The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

A weapon is a must (not a pistol)
Once you arrive at Vincenzo's house you'll notice that he's not there. You call him to see where he is and he'll tell you that he's at the freight so come down there. Once you get in search the hallways for a colt and a body armor. Now go down to the hull and some Leone's with chainsaws will come running too you. Shoot them ASAP, the view here sucks so use the blips on the minimap to see where they are coming from and when they are dead. After you killed a load of them Vincenzo will come in and yell "Is he dead yet?!". Now he'll start shooting you but dont worry, 1 clip of SMG will be enough to bring him to his knees.
Reward: $3,000 and a dead Vincenzo (couldn't stand him)

Salvatore Leone

Sindacco Sabotage

Some Leone's are in a war against the Diablo's in Hepburn Heights and they're losing badly so you got to save the day again. Grab a car and drive to Hepburn Heights ASAP and kill all the Diablos. This mission is much easier then it sounds, most Diablos wont have the chance to properly shoot and if they shoot they mostly shoot at the Leone's so you'll be fine. They'll come in a few waves so it's not pure chaos. A body armor pickup is, during this mission, available on a corner of the street. When you're done you get a call from Salvatore asking you how it's going. But since you lost to men before you even got here you tell Sal that he's probally going to lose this part of town.
Reward: $1,500

The Trouble With Triads

This mission is very easy if you're flameproof.
Salvatore wants you to pick up some cash at a warehouse in Atlantic Quays (wich will be a Fish Factory in the future). When you arrive there you'll see some Triads planting a bomb at the gas tanks. (Deja-vu for GTA3 players) The place will explode but the money is scattered among the ruins. The place is full of fires wich you have to avoid (unless you're flameproof) and Triads will keep storming at you so watch out. You can easily take them out but if they get you in the back they can do some serious damage. When you collected all the cash take a car out of here and drive to Salvatore's place. A few Triad cars will follow you but if you just drive without stopping you'll never meet them.
Reward: $1,500

Driving Mr. Leone

Salvatore wants to have chat with the major but he appears to be in Staunton. The bridge isn't done yet and the ferries wont take you because of the ongoing strike. But stubborn Salvatore tells you to get to the ferry port. Once arrived you see that the cops were waiting for you. So now drive to the bridge and hop over (if you want you can go to the Pay n' Spray but that only holds them off a little while). Don't worry about driving off the bridge, I think it's impossible to fall off. Once you're on Staunton Island Salvatore will tell you about a safehouse nearby. The location is great because now you almost live next to a Pay n' Spray. Spray the car first and then drive to the safehouse. Welcome to Staunton Island!
Reward: $4,000 & access to Staunton Island

Staunton Island

Salvatore Leone

A Walk In The Park

Salvatore wants you to take out mayor R.C. Hole. He tells you that the mayor is talking a walk in the park. So drive to the park and unequip your weapons. Now enter the park, if you still have a weapon equiped you'll get a wanted level and the mayor will try to escape and the mission might get hard. So run to the mayor wich has a few bodyguards. When you think you can take him out fast, equip your gun and shoot him. If he gets outside the park he'll drive off so you have to chase him. This can be quite hard with the other cars chasing you so make sure he doesn't escape. Once you killed him pick up the phone and head over to Salvatore's place. (In Staunton!)
Reward: $1,500

Making Toni

Mickey is back. He tells you to enter the car without any explanation. Drive to the alley where you meet Salvatore, he'll congratulate you and you two will go inside. Once you get back ma Cipriani will phone you to tell you that she canceled the hit on you since she's proud now.
Reward: $2,000 and the title of Made Man

Donald Love

The Morgue Party Candidate

Donald Love, a candidate for the upcoming mayor election, will ask you to steal a hearse. So grab a car (preferably a fast one) and drive to the hearse. Ram it a bit and the driver will come out very quick. Steal the hearse, wich will give you a wanted level, and drive it to the garage at Donald's tower.
Reward: $1,000

Steering the Vote

Several areas's in Staunton haven't decided on who to vote. Let's help them a bit, shall we? Grab the special van outside and drive to the area's to get their vote. After a while 2 vans from the competitor, O'Donnovan, will try to steal the area's from you. It shouldn't be too hard to get 5 of the 9 area's. After you have 5 you have to destroy the 2 vans. They're very weak so just drive-by them and you're done.
Reward: $1,500


For this mission go take a good weapon first and maybe some armor. Drive to the nearest group and get on the stairs. Once there take out the guards ASAP. When they're dead finish the workers too. After you killed these, take a car that can take some bullets. Drive to the other group and run over the other workers and their guards.
Reward: $1,500

Friggin' The Riggin'

Seems like the Forelli's are helping out O'Donnovan for some power. Let's torch their warehouse. First grab a flamethrower at the heavy weapon store, Fully Cocked. Now on to the warehouse. Once you get in kill all the Forelli's inside. Now start torching the pile's of paper and use grenades (wich you can find outside) to destroy the printing machines. You can use the flamethrower too but it'll take longer than the paper. Every once in a while some Forelli's will show up so just stop setting the place on fire and kill them. Once you torched the whole place, the remaining Forelli's will escape in a van so grab the bike outside and destroy it with a SMG.
Reward: $1,500

Love And Bullets

Donald Love needs to get to a meeting but he's scared. So you have to protect him by traveling with him. At the first part you won't drive but after a while the limo will be ambushed. Donald Love will open the trunk with a Sniper Rifle. If you have an AK-47 or M4 this mission could be much easier. If you don't got any of these, just kill them with the rifle. Once all the Forelli's are dead get in the limo and drive back to the Love tower.

Counterfeit Count

Get to the van and follow it until the driver changes. Kill the one that get's out, take the votes and follow the van again.
Repeat this 3 times and mission completed.
Rewards: $2,000

Church Confessions

L.C. Confidential

Get into a vehicle and drive to the blip. Steal the FBI car wich is parked there, you won't get any wanted level but the cops at the car will shoot at you. Now go pick the guy up. He will get into the car but when the real FBI shows up he will leave. Now either drive-by him or run him over, get the report and deliver it to a garage in Bedford Point.
Reward: $1,500

The Passion of the Heist

Head to the ferry port in Rockford. A gang packed with AK-47's and a helicopter will be waiting for you. Take the guards down fast and take the rocket launcher wich lies around the port. Use it to take down the helicopter fast, you could also just use an AK-47 or M4. Take the suitcase and deliver it to the same garage as before.
Reward: $1,500


Head to the fire station and steal a fire truck. Now let's have some fun with it by doing tricks like spinning cars, flipping them over or just ram them. Keep doing this until the meter fills (and before the time), when you finished it. Dump the truck in the river.
You can get these tricks:
- Sunken vehicle
- Dismount
- 180° Spin (can be higher like 360, 720, ..., highest I've seen is 1080°)
- Highflier
- Pedestrian splatted
- Rolled vehicle (x2+)
- Vehicle destroyed
- 3+ crashes in a row
Reward: $1,500 & you can do the Karmageddon side-mission by getting in the fire truck.

False Idols

The father wants you to take down three celbrities. Go to Phil's store and buy some rocket launcher ammo. Head back to the church and take down the limo that will be arriving. You can do this by just shooting if you want to save your rocket launcher ammo. After a while a yellow, bulletproof patriot will show up. You'll have to blow this one up with your rocket launcher. Next run around the church so you're standing on the highway and wait for the helicopter to show up. This could be annoying to aim but you should be able to take it down in 2 to 3 shots.
Reward: $1,500

Salvatore Leone

Caught in the Act

Salvatore and you will take the mayor's assistant hostage but the secret service will try to get him back. They'll be using AK-47's from the ground, on boats and at the end even with a helicopter! Use the L button to fine aim, try to shoot barrels as much as possible so you kill a lot in one. The mission shouldn't be too hard.
Reward: $2,000

Search and Rescue

The Sindaccos and the Forellis are having a gang war and Salvatore is right in the middle of it. Get his bulletproof limo and drive it to the gang war. Since you can't get to Salvatore in the limo you'll have to get him on foot. Kill all the Forelli's and Sindacco's and get to Salvatore. Lead him back out while killing some more Italian gangs. Drive him to his safehouse in Newport, next to yours.
Reward: $2,000

Taking the Peace

This is a really fun mission! Salvatore will tell you to get in a van so drive to the hospital and get in the black pony. Salvatore will tell you that you can control Paulie Sindacco's car trough a satelite. Let Paulie drive to the meet and when he's there take the control over by pressing X and kill all the Forelli's. The car will response a bit late because of the satelite but it shouldn't be too hard. Don't mind the time, you have plenty.
Reward: $2,500

Shoot the Messenger

Pretty easy mission. You'll have to kill a wiseguy before he reaches Franco Sindacco. To do this you get 3 chances. The first one is easy if you have a bit of luck. Get into the boat and follow the guy. Try to drive-by him. If this doesn't work he'll get out after a while. Try to shoot him on foot. Didn't work? Well now he'll jack a car and drive off to Fort Staunton. Kill him with a drive-by before he reaches his destination.
Reward: $3,000

Leon McAffrey

Sayonara Sindacco's

A bit like Caught in the Act but on the road this time. Hop in McAffrey's banshee and drive to the spot. Kill some Sindacco's and get back in the car. Don't forget you have fine aim! Now you'll have to defend the car. Kill all the Sindacco's until you get to the blockade to Shoreside Vale. Take the helicopter down and McAffrey will drive off.
Reward: $1,500

The Whole 9 Yardies

McAffrey owes some Yardies a favor and you have to pay it off. Go to the museum where some Forelli's will be hanging out. Don't kill any of them! Just take a bike and they'll folow you. Now lead them to the meet point behind the hospital. Once there help the Yardies to kill the Forelli's, you'll probally end up killing them all yourself but as long as the job get's done...
Reward: $2,000

Crazy '69'

Fun fun fun! Well, that is if you like to use a katana. McAffrey will order you to kill some Forelli's with a katana. So get to the park and kill 20 Forelli's under 4 minutes. You can kill them easily in 1 hit but don't ever let them hit you! They are all equiped with butcher knives. They can give some damage and "stun" you. All by all it shouldn't be too hard.
Reward: $2,000

Night of the Livid Dreads

The Yardies are under attack by the Forelli's at their newly aquired territory. So hop in a car and drive to the alley where the gang war is being held. Once you get to the Yardies the leader will tell you that one of his boys got hit and needs an ambulance. You have to hold off the attackers so he can ring for an ambulance. Shoot all the Forelli's and after a while you'll have to shoot yourself a way to the ambulance. So let's do so, it shouldn't be too much of a problem if you just shoot fast and preferably with a long-range weapon like the M4.
Reward: $2,000

Munitions Dump

The Forelli's are shipping some weapons in trucks so you'll have to stop them. Before you start the mission get some rocket launcher ammo or a minigun. Take a fast car and finish of the 2 trucks. If you're using a rocket launcher don't miss or they'll call backup wich might be annoying.
Reward: $2,500

Donald Love

Love on the Rocks

Shooting mission! Get some body armor, an M4 and maybe a sniper rifle. Head over to Newport to see one of Love's guys wich has been tailing a van. Get in his car to have a chat with him and he'll tell you that the evidence you need is in the "camp" up ahead. It's blocked by 2 vans with a few people guarding it. Since they all have heavy weapons I suggest you use your sniper rifle. Once in always watch your back, this place is full of these guys and getting shot from the back means almost instance dead. Take the van with the evidence and drive it back to Love's garage. When you leave the compound a banshee will show up so destroy that one first. Now just drive of and receive access to Shoreside Vale!
Reward: Access to Shoreside Vale

Shoreside Vale

Salvatore Leone


Go to the police station in Shorside Vale. You'll have to change your outfit so go to Mr. Benz near the Pay'N'Spray. He'll sell you a lawyer outfit.
Reward: New outfit

Rough Justice

Salvatore thinks the Forelli's and Sindacco's teamed up to get him into prison. Now he wants revenge. Go get some Southside Hood members wich will be waiting for you at the parking at the hairpin turns. When you're there get in the car and take the gang members with you. Now drive down to Witchita Gardens and ram one of the 2 Forelli cars. Once you rammed it a Forelli will show up, kill him and more will come. Kill them all and once they're all dead, ram the other car and do the same.
Reward: $2,500

Dead Reckoning

It's Sindacco time! And not just any Sindacco, Paulie Sindacco. Go to the power house at the Cochrane Dam. They'll notice you and Paulie and some bodyguards will take off in a boat. Follow them and try to kill them from the coast. It might be hard but as long as you have a rocket launcher it shouldn't be too hard.
Reward: $3,000

Shogun Showdown

The Yakuza are getting some weapons together to take some territory. Drive to Fort Staunton to their base. You'll need a Yakuza stinger to enter the compound. Just run around and eventually you'll see one. Now drive into the compound and either shoot all the Yakuza from behind your car or drive near the tank, quickly get out and quickly get in the tank. Don't drive against it! Now drive out and either have some fun with the tank or go rig it with a bomb at Newport. Once that's done get out and press the button. Mission done.
Reward: $3,000

Donald Love

Panlantic Land Grab

Donald is broke. He stays at an appartement in Shoreside Vale with an unpleasant roommate. For 10% you help him back to the top so let's start with it. Drive Donald to the airport where you'll see Avery Carrington, veteran GTA players will know him. He'll be driving a bobcat to Staunton Island protected with 2 Cartel Cruisers. Drive-by him but don't destroy his car. When it gets damaged enough he will get out. Now shoot him and pick up the briefcase. Watch out for Donald, he gets killed quickly.
Reward: nothing

Stop the Press

You have to get some photos back from "father" Ned. You worked for him at the church. He's actually a reporter for the Liberty Tree. He has pictures of you killing Avery so you have to get them back. Drive to the church on Stauton Island. He'll be talking to a guy in the graveyard. Punch him a bit until he agrees to bring you to the photos. Take him to his garage and he'll flash you and drive of. Take the faggio and chase him down. No more nice guy, just kill him. It shouldn't be too hard.
Reward: nothing

Morgue Party Resurrection

Donald wants to have a little party with some dead people. Get to the nearest ambulance and drive it to the airport. Once you got there you have to pick up Ned before the security finds out what's happening. So drive to the graveyard where you met him before. Don't worry, Donald won't come with you this time. Once there you'll see a hearse, take it and you get a 2 star wanted level. It shouldn't be too hard so just drive back to the hangar.
Reward: nothing

No Money, Mo' Problems

Just drive to 8-ball's shop in Shoreside Vale. He will rig a bomb for you but it'll cost you. Pay him $20,000 and he will ring you when he's ready.
Reward: nothing

Toshiko Kasen

More Deadly Than The Male

Your next boss is Toshiko, a japanese woman who isn't quite close to her husband. She wants to humiliate him. Go to the pier and kill all the Yakuza, don't forget to bring body armour and an M4. Once you shoot your way down, get in the boat and head for the next destination. GTA3 players will remember this, it's the place where Phil will sell his weapons later. You meet some Yakuza chasing you but they shouldn't be much of a threat. Just never stop and you'll do fine.
Reward: $2,000 and the most awesome gun GTA has ever seen has been unlocked, the minigun! Now with auto-aim!

Cash Clash

Time for some humiliation! Toshiko's husband is moving 3 trucks loaded with money and you have to set it all on fire. (What a shame...) Get either a rocket launcher or your newly unlocked minigun. The mission is really easy since all the vans are driving really close. If you're lucky you might have an explosion chain. Don't let any van escape, if you attack one they will all drive away in fear.
Reward: $3,000

A Date With Death

Toshiko wants to see the opera, with you! Get the limo and pick Toshiko up. Now drive to a shop to get a tuxedo. Once you have that drive to the opera on the other side of the island and get there before the opera starts. Once you get back from the opera some Forelli's will be waiting for you. Kill them and the one bashing on your limo. Take Toshiko back to her appartement. On the way you'll meet some extremely annoying Forelli's and if your limo was damaged a lot before it might explode. Keep your eyes on the road and try to avoid the incoming Forelli's.
Reward: $2,000

Cash in Kazuki's Chips

Time for the real deal. Killing the guy! He gots a small army so you definatly need an M4, Minigun and body armor. Drive to the alley at Newport. It's the same place as your safehouse in GTA3. Get to the elevator and kill the 3 guys coming out with either the M4 or the colt if you have it. Use the M4 for the incoming Yakuza. Once they're dead a chopper will show up. Don't worry you don't have to kill it, just grab a Yakuza stinger and drive to the casino. On the way you meet some other Yakuza's but leave those, they're just a waste of ammo and armour.
Once you arrived get up the stairs and shoot every Yakuza you see. Watch out, some of them can do some serious damage. Don't rush and sometimes you have to auto-aim. Once you got all the way up you will meet Kazuki. He will have 2 bodyguards but they won't do anything. Kazuki will take his katana and start slashing at you. Kill the bodyguards first, if you don't they will start shooting at you later and do a lot of damage. Don't worry about Kazuki, he will only use his katana. Either use a shotgun or a colt to knock him over and finish him with your M4. Take his katana back to Toshiko and she'll give you a little speech. At the end you see her... I'll let you find out that yourself. =)
Reward: $4,000

Donald Love

Bringing the House Down

8-Ball finished the bomb so get the car and drive to one of the entrances to the tunnels. Once you're their some Forelli's will start ramming you so try to avoid them as much as possible. After a while you have to change lanes every now and then because of big piles of sand on the road. Kill all the witnesses you see on the way and plant the bomb. Once you planted the first one you have 3 minutes to plant the next one and get out of there. It should be more than enough. Once you planted them both you have to get to the exit. The Forelli's blocked it so ram trough the gate and drive off.
Enjoy the cut-scene.
Reward: $5,000

Love on the Run

Donald Love is staying in a nice house in Shoreside Vale but the Cartel is going to storm the place. You have to kill them all. Don't worry about Donald, he's hiding in his garage. The mission sounds harder than it it. Just get some body armour, an M4 and either a Minigun or Rocket Launcher depending on what you like the most. At first some Cartel Cruisers will storm trough the gate so blow these up with the Minigun or Rocket Launcher. After a while the Cartel will just walk in making them a very easy target. Always kill them before they can start shooting at you, they're all packed with SMG's and M4's. Once you killed them all jump in the Cheetah and pick up Donald. Now head to the airport. On the way some Cartel Cruiser might bother you but they shouldn't be too much trouble.
Reward: $6,000

Salvatore Leone

The Shoreside Redemption

Salvatore is getting out but the Sicillians don't want him to make it to the court house. Grab the police car around the corner of the police HQ and head to the marker. At first just follow the Securicar. When they get to the dam a cut-scene will start and you see the front police car getting blown up by a Sicillian with a Rocket Launcher. The Securicar will make a U-turn so do the same and follow it. From now on Sicillian in stingers will try to damage the van so destroy them with a SMG. From time to time you have to get rid of road blocks up ahead so the van can just drive on without getting damaged. Escort it from Pine Creek to the Court house on Staunton Island at the park. Also don't get too far away from the van or it's mission over.
Reward: $4,000

The Sicillian Gambit

Now that the Sindacco's and Forelli's are taken care of it's time to whipe out the Sicillians. Like every last GTA mission it exists out of several "parts" altough it's still one mission.

"Part 1"
Grab the Mafian Sentinel outside and drive to city hall on Staunton Island. On the way you'll meet some trigger happy Sicillians in white stingers but just keep driving. Once you arrive to city hall you see some Sicillians outside, take care of them and Salvatore will look for the mayor. When he comes back out it seems that they've already taken them. Now head to the pier in Newport and kill the wiseguy wielding an M4. Get in the boat and get ready for part 2!

"Part 2"
Salvatore will do the steering, you'll do the shooting. The waves on this trip are extremely annoying but since you have a minigun mounted on the boat you can easily destroy the boats in a few shots. After a while a helicopter will show up. If you still have some boats on your tail don't worry about them for a second. Destroy the heli ASAP because it has 4 guys shooting at you with an M4. Once that's down continue destroying boats. After a while you'll get to the lighthouse. Try to kill the 2 men on the tiny island. If you don't you will be circleing around the lighthouse until you kill them. Once you done that you will appear on the "island" so it's time for part 3.

"Part 3"
Kill all the Sicillians on the rock and pick up the hidden package on the way to the top. You can't miss it. Kill them all before they have a chance to hit you. They all have M4's and they can do a lot of damage! Once you made it to the top you can see Massimo and the mayor. Massimo will hop into a heli so you have to take it down. Quite weak ending but overall it was a fun mission right. =)

Now enjoy the cut-scene and the payout wich is $500,000!

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