MTA is the first multiplayer mod for the GTA Series. MTA (Multi Theft Auto) has been around since early 2003 and the community around the mod is still growing with new faces everyday. You will be able to find many useful information on the mod with guides and secrets to becoming a great player. MTA combines of a deathmatch mode and a great stunt mode.
Game Sections Game Sections
Fighting Style Synchronization
The QA team have recently published a video showing their synchronization in fighting. Players around the community will be delighted with the news since itís a massive increase compared to all the previous versions. The fighting styles are also completely controlled by scripting, which the whole new modification is based around on.

The team have now created their own account on YouTube, so keep an eye out for any new videos throughout the network. You can access all their other videos by subscribing to their channel via their account.
Posted by: {KoQ}ZrB1aN @ March 11 2007, 4:05 pm
New Content
Itís been a short while since I last posted, though to be honest nothing has really happened over the scene. Thereís a new weekly tutorial script that will be published on the official MTA website so that when the new version is officially released, you will already know most of the basics on how to create your own custom maps and more.

Iíve decided to add another new page to this section of the website, however at the moment its not for public viewing as of yet because it is still in editing stage. The new content will be more in-depth about the modification, explaining more basics about the game and other information that will support yourself in the near future if you adapt to playing the game regularly. If youíre more of an experienced player like myself, most of these will be common but useful for those who are starting at the bottom.

The other content page that will be published will be viewing screenshots of the race version, even though its over or just about nearly one year old since its release, thereís still enough time to show those who havenít played the version about the experiences you can have and enjoy apart from playing single player or waiting until the deathmatch mode is released.
Posted by: {KoQ}ZrB1aN @ January 30 2007, 7:55 pm
Christmas Video
The latest MTA video has just been released to the public, showing some new features and other synchronisation instalments. The video can be found at the official home website of MTA.

Happy Holidays,
Posted by: {KoQ}ZrB1aN @ December 25 2006, 9:42 pm
Recent Update
There has been a recent update to the community with a few questions regarding the development and the reasons behind why the release has been taking a long while.
You can find the questions under the new thread that has been recently posted in the blog.
Posted by: {KoQ}ZrB1aN @ November 18 2006, 6:14 pm
Development Blog
Just comes to attention to all viewers that the news page is not as frequently updated because of the development in progress. The blog is updated on a regular basis, they have
published this news to inform people about the reason why the homepage may not be updated and for the public to view the current status of the latest blog updates if they wish
to view whats going on from behind the scenes of development.
Posted by: {KoQ}ZrB1aN @ October 25 2006, 10:59 am
Server Guide Loaded
Theres a new guide for the 0.5 server side of the installation and running the basic's of a server. Credits go out to Jani who created this guide, this can also be found at the mta forums.
Posted by: {KoQ}ZrB1aN @ September 19 2006, 10:00 pm
Status Update
The latest update has been publish on the blog, basically its explaining the majority of improvements for ingame activity and newly created features which will be available come the release of the modification. Expect some of these features to improve gameplay rapidly within the future, these aswell are indeed a huge upgrade compared to previous versions developed on the old core.
Posted by: {KoQ}ZrB1aN @ September 6 2006, 6:13 pm
Recent Updates
Havent posted for a while, generally been busy. However MTA is still alive and running. The latest developments have seen team support included, improved admin systems
and improved sync on some areas throughout the project. As always visit the offical website for latest news and discussions on the forum board.
Posted by: {KoQ}ZrB1aN @ July 31 2006, 6:50 pm
Deathmatch in Alpha stage
The MTA QA team got their hands on the third alpha version, the response from the team is that the mod had a positive effect and worked well while testing.
A video will later be soon released showing some footage of action from the previous tests.
Posted by: {KoQ}ZrB1aN @ April 9 2006, 9:36 pm
SA Section Version 1 Up.
I`ve decided to add the short content of MTASA up for viewers to read, showing viewers the basics of the mod and what it offers.
More in deph details are being published during the next months of the releases.
The poll has also been updated.
Posted by: {KoQ}ZrB1aN @ March 11 2006, 11:49 am
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