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MTAVC Characters

MTA has a different range of charatcers to choose from in both GTA3 and GTAVC. MTAVC has a range of different spawns with a different skin at every location. Each spawn has a range of weapons to choose from where you can then go and slaughter your enermy, blow up a vehicle, change weapons with other weapons located around the map. Each spawn has different skills to play from, Most players who like long range ability would use either the Sailor or Mexican while short range players may want to use the Robber or Secret Service to their ability of playing.


The Robber is the most used character in MTA. The Robber has the ability to kill someone in 1 shot if you got a good enough ratio or aim. The Robber is the best short range character in the mod due to that its stubby gun is probably the best weapon in the game if you love short range killing. Long range players find it very difficult to beat a Robber in a 1 vs 1 since then stubby shotgun which the robber has is very strong and has no match for any long range player. You normally find the best players in MTA use the Robber to get quicker kills on the server. This is a recommended skill to learn very quickly. If you have good skill with this spawn you will become a better player as you will become more confident in your killing spree. A majority of people do 1 vs 1 with the Robber as it is a very easy skill to learn however its down to you to pick the right time to shoot the player and when to use skill to dodge and distract your opponent.

  • Stubby Shotgun
  • Colt
  • Baseball Bat


The Mexican used to be known as the best spawn back in the old 0.3 days of MTA. Its long range ability with the M60 was very deadly and would kill a guy in 3 hits. 0.5 isnt the best time to be the Mexican due to that the M60 is very laggy at times, You may see the other player floating in the air while shooting with the M60. The Mexican however is still good to use for long range ability though the M60 does have a limited number of bullets which run out very quickly and there are no other M60`s spawned around in the mod. The Mexican also has the Python which is quite good if you have good aiming since it does knock off some health. The Chainsaw is still great for killing people in spawnwars. If your opponent is down then do pull out the Chainsaw as it is very good to hold the enermy down as they cannot escape the blades.

  • M60
  • Python
  • Chainsaw


The Sailor is the most used spawn in clanwars as it has a regenerate health spawn so everytime you lose health every second 1% will increase till it goes back to 100. The Sailor has a good advantage in long range because the M4 is very useful in its ability to attack players from a far distance. The Sailors also have genades which people in MTA call Nades for a shorter definition. The Nades are very strong and do take away alot of the opponents health and if you dont ran away far enough before the explosion then you might find yourself dead with the others. The Sailor also has the Colt which isnt very strong but is used to knock off the final hits of your opponent.

  • M4
  • Colt
  • Nades


The Cop has 50% armour when you spawn so thats a good boost in advantage in surviving with extra health. The Cop is a very useful character as the Shotgun is very good to learn with. The Shotgun can be used as a long range weapon but not for a very far distance and also the shotgun can be used as the short range killer as its selve. The Cop also has a police bat which is nothing special and is really like the Baseball Bat or Katana. The Colt is also included in the weapon pack with the Cop. Learning with the Shotgun is very useful as it is normally the most picked weapon in clanwars. If you can be very skilled with the shotgun then you should have no problem in killing alot of players with it and helping your team out in clanwars.

  • 50% Armour
  • Shotgun
  • Colt
  • Night Stick


The SS spawn isnt used alot but does have a good small range of short range weapons. The SS players normally use the MP5 alot to ware down their opponent, The gun is very quick and is a useful kill. Training with the SS 1 vs 1 helps yourself to become a better player with short range ability. MP5 is mainly used to get a good dodge or to hide around a corner to kill the guy across the road. SS spawns also with the Colt, Nades which are very useful and fun to kill your opponents with and also included in the pack is the Katana. Katana is used to chop the final points of your enermy.

  • MP5
  • Colt
  • Nade
  • Katana


The VCC is probably the worst bug in MTA 0.5. Once you spawn as the Crusader you get a total of 100% armour added to him. Its great of course because you have the best chance of staying alive for a very long time but after you die your next spawn will automatically have 100% added armour which is another great boost BUT in MTA it was known as the bug the team never found out and is now known as a glitch which is another form of winning/cheating tactic. If you spawn as a Cop after you were a Crusader you will be kicked automatically from the server. Its recommended to not spawn as the VCC as you will get a bad reputation and will be probably kicked or banned of most servers. The VCC has a nice range of weapons both mixed with long range and short range skills.

  • 100% Armour ( Glitch )
  • Molovs
  • Ruger
  • Python
  • Machete