MTA Skills

To become a great MTA player, You need to learn the in and outs of training to be one. MTA is combined of Short Range and Long Range players. Each skill is important to learn as you will be using different types of weapons in every fight. The skills below will show you have to become the best possible player and how to beat your opponent down aswell as staying on your feet.

Active - Movement

Movement is very important in any Deathmatch situation and its the same for any other killing game. The point of you playing is to kill but also survive as long as possible. To survive in MTA, always move, dont make yourself a easy target. Movement could be from hideing around the corner or dodging the bullets from your opponent. In MTA you must stay aware of what is going on at all times. Shooting at a target and standing still isnt going to help in a crossfire so make yourself useful and think what your doing. When you know you have the guy in a 1 vs 1 situation its always best to get the best aim possible and watch their movement also at all times. If you have the chance to hide and blast the guy around the corner then do it. Switching weapon, then running, pull out weapon, shoot a few bullets, hide again is always the best way to win. Just remember in MTA to never stand still in a fighting situation, even if its in a clanwar who knows what might happen if the other team suddenly kill you.

As you see below, im standing still. This isnt going to help as ZoR_Brulla can easily get the kill. Remember movement is the key to winning a fight. The better you are at moving around and being active of what is going on, the better player you will become.


Blocking is a form of movement and time also speed. In blocking, speed is everything. The player who is shooting you is your target to begin. Block his fire by shooting at their body non-stop. When you have to reload your weapon always remember to move around but make sure your target dosnt run away. Keep aiming at his upper body as that part of the character holds the weapon and also has the largest body part to shoot at. If he takes aim at you again remember to move so you get him confused then shoot at him when you have the chance to block his attacks. You can easily block with long range weapons such as M4, M60, Ruger, MP5. Remember that its dangerous to shoot robber with a pistol/long-range weapon in close combat, the spass-effect will kill you.

Below is a perfect effect of blocking, The player cannot shoot at ZoR_Brulla as he has control over the opponent`s body

Short Range

Being skilled with short range weaponary helps alot in MTA. Short Rangers like to have good old Robber wars, which i do myself. Normally most people go for short range as the Robber due to the deadly Stubby gun which the robber spawns as. Being a short range player is all about movement and speed. As you are aware for a robber you cannot fun with the stubby or even jump so you have to switch to the fist icon so you can run then switch back to the stubby to shoot the player. You will normally get used to that skill very easy since every player uses it in situations. Jumping aswell helps in MTA. As a short range player you can jump the bullets then pull out your gun then run again. Speed and Time is the tactic as a short range player because then you the ability to dodge or plan your next move. Players like SS also must have speed to run around a hide from the opponent. The MP5 is deadly and knocks off 10% every hit and the bullets and fireing of the weapon is very quick. Just remember as a short range player to just time your action and get the best possible speed for running or confusing the opponent.

Below you see a 1 vs 1 with myself against ZoR_Brulla. As you can see i am running around him so he cannot get me on target. While i am running i can go around him and shoot him but however he could put his weapon away and run around me like when i have my weapon out ready to fire. The situation is a continous attack.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons arent the most used weapons ever in MTA however they still do bring some fun when killing someone with a chainsaw or smashing someone`s head in with a baseball bat. Some players use the Melee weapon to kill the final points of a players health bar. The most used melee weapon has to be the chainsaw because it is a very strong weapon. Normally if your a mexican and you have your opponent down players attend to bring out the chainsaw so they cannot escape the blades. A good trick with the melee weapon is that you can jump with the weapon and run with a few of them so your enermy cant escape you for so long. I never really use the melee weapons much because they dont do much but if you do have you enermy on the ground then do keep hitting them so they cant escape.

As you see im about to get slaughtered in the picture, This melee would of killed me by about 2 hits. Its always good to not get caught up in this mess


Protection is another form of hideing and its a great advantage to beat someone. Players normally use buildings, cars, fences to shield themselves from attacks. I usually find it easier to hide around corners. Hideing behind vehicles and make them explode from bullets and you could damage yourself in the backfire. If you know the area well then you should be able to find gaps, holes to hide from your enermys from. Its always best to be active around these areas so you can hide or protect yourself from your opponent. Hideing behind fences gives you a advantage because you can target the players whole body and they cannot hit you due to MTA dosnt allow much head damage and no heads shots. So remember to protect yourself at all times in MTA and study the area well and hide. 1 vs 1 situations is the best way to train on protection. The more experience you get doing this the more likely you are to survive in bigger fights

Below is a example of a hideing position. My bullets will not be able to effect Brulla as he is in a protected position


Glitching is another way of winning but in a unfair way, its also a way of cheating to beat a opponent. Since the release of MTA 0.5 there has been a huge number of glitching which has raised with many players doing it. Glitching in MTA is like spawning as a VCC then killing yourself and spawning as another guy. Now your guy has another 100% added armour, now it looks like your cheating when people see that your health bar doesn`t go down. You will be kicked or banned from most servers using this glitch. There is also a running stubby shotgun glitch which im not going to say what to do because i would just be adding another glitcher into the world of MTA. You cannot run with the stubby or walk while shooting anyway. M4 is another glitching weapon at times as some people can use the M4 glitch so you dont waste any bullets. Nade glitching is just the spamming of someone throwing loads of nades at once without losing any health from themselves due to that they cannot see the nades, but you can. Glitching is another way of cheating to become the better man. If you do glitch your only spoiling yourself and spoiling run for the others who play on the server with you. I myself dont use these glitches as i want to play fair and enjoy the mod. Dont get yourself into a bad reputation and banned from all the servers.

Below are screenshots of showing you glitches that may occur in MTA. The running robber, a nade glitch, VCC glitch ( Cheat )