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MTA has a range of programs that help MTA today. This section will be about the usage of the Client, Servers, Patches and other applications that help around the usage of MTA..

All-Seeing Eye

The World`s #1 Game Server Browser
  • Supports all the popular games
  • Fast and easy access to game servers
  • Keep track of your friends and make new ones
  • Find the best game servers with powerful search tools
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  • Unlimited number of friends and groups
  • Priority access to game server scanners
  • Advanced search tools
  • US $15 - One year license keycode
The All-Seeing Eye (ASE) program is a fast gaming server browser probably even known as one of the best in some people`s minds. MTA servers can be found under this software which then indicates what servers are available to play online with. The ASE also indicates information on the servers like how many players are on the server. When you`ve chose a server you would like to play on the MTA Client will pop up with the servers IP and Port and then you can play on it only if there are spaces left on the server to play on. The ASE also indicates if the servers are installed with MTA`s 0.5 server patch. Its recommended that you play on servers which only have the patch installed so you can get the best possibly gaming out of the mod.The ASE can also be installed from the MTA 0.5 Client so you dont have to keep on looking for the install exe. The ASE also indicates and shows previous servers from MTA 0.1 - 0.5.

MTA 0.5 Client

The Client is a very impressive in 0.5 as it has a nice range of new features which previous versions did not include. The Client has 3 sections added onto the program.

  • Connect
  • Create Server
  • Options

These 3 sections are all available for usage in the client. The connect section will be the first page of the client. Here you can find the servers IP and Port for connection, The ASE link which will then load you to the ASE information and download page and also a new impressive servers link. The Servers link is used for saving your fave servers to play on and aswell its used for showing what servers are available to connect on without using the ASE software.

The second section of the client is the " Create Server " option which is just a simple server being preformed by the MTA Client. This server option can be used for just playing with some friends. To actually create a whole new server then you must download the MTA Server Install. Once you have this installed and the patch also then you have a MTASEVER CONF File. In this you can edit your server options and run the actual MTA Server with Scripts. Scripts will later be featured on this page.

The third section of the client is the Options. The Options are used to give information about what you are running. The Nickname option will be used as your name for any server you go on, You can change the name easy but editing the name which is located in the Nickname box. VC Version is the current version your VC is running on. Its recommended that you do installed v1.1 patch as this does fix a graphic corruption fix. However you can still play MTA without the patch installed as MTA can run on the original VC Version of 0.1. There is also a " About Multi Theft Auto " link on the client which will show a popup of the team and the BETA Testers.

MTA Previous Versions

MTA has been around since the release back in early 2003. Their first release back then was the admin console of GTA3 with a simple nice multiplayer game however did not include no chat box and nothing was really special. The community began to grow after the release of 0.2.2 which did include a chat box and a new client. The release was for VC. People still didnt think the mod would last or even think it was possible to build. 0.3 was known as the best version release in the whole MTA series, Myself and many of my old former clanmates would be on this version for hours for constantly having loads of fun. 0.3 like any other version just had some new weapons installed and a stunt mode for all those stunters of GTA to have fun with. 0.3 was the time when the community began to see a huge increase of new players joining every minute to join in with the fun. 0.4 then was release, Nothing really new about this version apart from just new weapon spawns, less crashes then what 0.3 use to have and a better anti cheat system installed. The patch was release so the name was called 0.4.1. Just a few bugs captured and was still a nice version of the mod. The Spaz was also really missed from 0.3 as 0.4 didnt include the weapon. 0.5 is the latest release at the moment. It was release end of Janurary 2005 and has seen a downfall in the number of players due to the huge bugs, number of crashes and the number of people glitching ingame. However it is still a nice download to have as 0.5 is still the popular version at the moment.


Apart from IRC being a chat system it is also used for MTA:MA Scripting. MTA:MA And other scripts gives many features to your server, example ingame admin-system to control the players on your server. weather and timescripts and many other gameplay scripts which makes the playing more enjoyable. You need to active the script-panel from mIRC,and connect it to the server and then just simply load different scripts. Its fun to learn but can be difficult in some cases.

The following are a few websites that you may want to look up