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GTA 3 Characters

MTA is also available for GTA3 since the first release was for GTA3, the mod also came from the GTA3 admin console back in 0.1 days of 2003. GTA3 0.5 has a few new features but not very good to be honest. Deathmatch is still the best mode to play. 3 islands are all available to play on but each server has a different island setting. 1 might be Portland while another server could be for Shoreside Vale. Deathmatch in GTA3 isnt as good as VC. GTA3 is still a fun classic deathmatch to play on though. Its very rarely you see guys playing on GTA3 servers these days since the poplation is all on VC. If you do however have GTA3, still get the download from as it is still worth downloading if you have never played it online before. You can also buy new weapons from Ammunation to use. Each spawn does exist on every island but at a different location. GTA3 MTA has a better netcode then VC also.

GTA 3 Spawns

GTA3 MTA has the ability to go to the Ammunation shops and purchase other weapons. At the start of the mode you will choose either a Columbian, Cop, Yakuza, Southside hoods. After you chose the spawn you wish to be you will then be able to pick 1 weapon to spawn as. You will also recieve a Baseball Bat and a Pistol to start of with. Ammunation is open and is available to purchase new weapons to your pack. GTA3 is quite inactive in MTA and there isnt many players who play the GTA3 mod as much so you could find yourself on your own sometimes to explore the mod yourself. Clanwars have completely gone in MTA for GTA3 but there are still some clans who do recruit for GTA3 also. The following are the characters who you can spawn as.