MTASA Racemod

MTA has now extended their series from the modifications of VC and GTA3 to San Andreas. MTASA includes a very unique Racemod which has been developed under a new core called BLUE. The Racemod allows users to create tracks in anyway they want, inlcuding misc objects, ramps, choose vehicles, mark checkpoints and more.


The Racemod allows users to create maps/tracks throughout the whole of San Andreas. This is the teams first release since the release of San Andreas in July 2005 for the PC. The Racemod is a huge step forward from the last release of MTA 0.5 which to many people of the MTA community saw as a failure. The screenshot is a simple picture taken from a simple map which i created in a few minutes. As you can see i have the ability to spawn vehicles, which anyone on the server can ride. As you creator of the server, you can also decide where the race can begin or where you can spawn, obviously a very interesting feature because of the freedom of the mod that allows you to do alot of things on the server side creativity.

In this screen you can see myself riding along a bridge, however its actually a sidewalk which you see mostly near ports or harbors in San Andreas. This is a free roam map as you can see from my radar that i have no checkpoints which would be indicated on my radar. My vehicle is already damaged as you can see from the blue bar, perhaps i should add some pick objects to the map. The Racemod does allow users to Create pickups, to give your vehicle nitro, repair your vehicle or change the vehicle. This can all be done through the map editor aswell as other tools which users can play around with to customise their maps.

You dont just have to use on road vehicles to your map, you can also add flying vehicles and water vehicles. Adding vehicles to your map is done as before using the Map Editor using the "Set Starting Vehicle". This allows you to set the vehicle players will start with in your race. You have to browse through the vehicle settings to choose the vehicle you wish to use in your race, users can also change the vehicle after someone has past through a checkpoint. You could be riding a Buffalo then once a person has gone through that one checkpoint they will spawn into a Banshee or any other vehicle the server owner wishes to choose. Users can also set the vehicles on their map by using the vehicles ID, which can be found in the vehicle.dat.

  • Users can also set the weather(s) which will endure during the race. This could give all participating users a challenge depending on the weather.
  • Users can set the time of the race to whatever they wish. 23:00 would obviously be in the night while 13:00 would be during the day for example.
  • The META data will be view by everyone who enters the map. This gives people a description of the race. This is entirely optional to the creator.

The following screenshot you can see piles of boxes on top of each other, aswell as planks of wood and other materials. "Adding elements in your map" is where you?ll be making checkpoints, spawnpoints, pickups and objects in your map. The more objects you put onto your map the more the lag will occur, however dont be too worried since the new core is very much developed to handle the situation alot better. Users should explore the modification as much as possible. The mod is not a target to see who can create the best map, its about the style the race is being played. Placing a few checkpoints here, a few objects there, just all on one highway isnt going to make the map very fun. The idea of the team giving the user the ability to use objects is to get as much fun from the mod as possible. Users should take time developing their maps. Putting challenges into the map might give other players a better benefit towards them because they are trying to beat something they havent beaten before. If you have noticed, i`ve changed vehicle. You can place the new spawn vehicles where ever you wish. A symbol of that vehicle will be shown on everyones screen. All you have to do is past through that point and you will automatically change to that vehicle the admin has used on their server.

Damaging another persons vehicle is a good advantage to you, obviously if you dont lose your balance and you have good vehicle health. If the admin has place repair points on the map, its best to use them as soon as possible because they could give you a boost in advantage to winning the race. The screenshot shows myself driving towards the boxes. If i colide into them, lose balance of the edge and fall, the vehicle would explode if i hit the floor at fast speed. during your time playing the Racemod you will die at some time. You will be eliminated from the race if you do die, however in the free roam you will respawn in the first car the admin chooses each player to begin with. In the Racemod you cannot get out of the vehicle, however there have been bugs shown as proof on the MTA forums of some people actually walking on foot. This bug should hopefully be fixed by the next patch release for this mod.