Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2 is a wonderful WWII first-person shooter with many fun and involving missions.
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COD2 v1.3 Patch Released!

That is a link to the patch itself.
Posted by: eddaket @ June 9 2006, 3:26 am
Welcome to the New CoD 2 Section
As you may or may not have noticed, there is a new section here on G-Unleashed. Call of Duty 2 has now pfficially opened to the public today.
Posted by: eddaket @ May 2 2006, 10:48 pm
CoD 2 v1.2 Path now availible!!
The new patch is out that adds more multiplayer maps and fixes a few bugs.

Here is a link to a free mirror
Posted by: eddaket @ April 30 2006, 12:53 am
Picture of the day Picture of the day

By: ArcEmu
Submitted on: 12 Feb 2009
Perverted people...
a d v e r t i s e m e n t
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