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In CoD2, there are not many cheats, but like almost every other game, there are some. To activate the console, you must press the "~" key. Here is a list of commands.
give allGives you a different two weapons than you have now
notargetEnemy Ignores you.
godInfinate Health
jump_height 39Replace 39 with a number. Default is 39.
give ammoRefills ammo.
time_scale .25Slow Motion. Default is 1.
noclipWalk through walls.

Map Cheats

map 88ridgePlay "88 Ridge"
map toujane_ridePlay "Armoured Car Escape"
map matmataPlay "Assault on Matmata"
map bergsteinPlay "Bergstein"
map downtown_sniperPlay "Comrade Sniper"
map libyaPlay "Crusader Charge"
map duhoc_defendPlay "Defending the Pointe"
map demolitionPlay "Demolition"
map downtown_assaultPlay "Downtown Assault"
map elalameinPlay "El Alamein"
map decoytownPlay "Holding the Line"
map beltotPlay "Prisoners of War"
map trainyardPlay "Railroad Station No. 1"
map hill400_assaultPlay "Rangers Lead the Way"
map moscowPlay "Red Army Training"
map tankhuntPlay "Repairing the Wire"
map toujanePlay "Retaking Toujane"
map cityhallPlay "Stalingrad City Hall"
map hill400_defendPlay "The Battle for Hill 400"
map duhoc_assaultPlay "The Battle of Pointe Du Hoc"
map breakoutPlay "The Brigade Box"
map rhinePlay "The Crossing Point"
map crossroadsPlay "The Crossroads"
map decoytrenchesPlay "The Diversionary Raid"
map eldabaPlay "The Endo of the Beginning"
map silotownPlay "The Silo"
map newvillersPlay "The Tiger"

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Selu Aug 18, 2006, 09:38 am
Yes, these are the cheats for the single player, but for the multiplayer..........
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