Trailers and gameplay movies for NFS:Carbon! NFS Carbon


NFS: Carbon Movies

- created by Nico, Chaos-Energy & Goblin

Trailers & Gameplay Movies for the new NFS game!
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Name: Multiplayer
Length: 04:10
Player: YouTube

Name: Canyon Drifting
Length: 01:50
Player: Flash

Name: Track Drifting
Length: 01:40
Player: Flash

Name: Intro Trailer
Length: 01:27
Player: Flash

Name: Autosculpt Trailer
Length: 01:58
Player: Flash

Name: The Speed Queen
Length: 01:21
Player: Flash

Name: Developer Commentary
Length: 03:21
Player: Flash

Name: Muscling Through
Length: 00:29
Player: Flash

Name: Watch the Ledge
Length: 00:39
Player: Flash

Name: Cruisin' NFS
Length: 00:36
Player: Flash

Name: Speedy
Length: 00:28
Player: Flash

Name: Take it to the Limit
Length: 00:38
Player: Flash

Name: Scenic Drive
Length: 00:30
Player: Flash

Name: Burning Rubber
Length: 00:28
Player: Flash

Name: Emmanuelle Vaugier Interview
Length: 04:57
Player: Quicktime

Name: Emmanuelle Vaugier Teaser
Length: 00:28
Player: Quicktime

Name: NFS Carbon Trailer 1
Length: 00:59
Player: Quicktime

Name: E3 2006 Teaser Trailer
Length: 00:19
Player: Google Video

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ReMcO Sep 4, 2006, 01:28 pm
dude there's about 6 movies out. your running behind.
mancold Jul 5, 2006, 05:06 pm
Yo dude, still the video of the Official trailer isn't working.

Here's one link...
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