Features NFS Carbon


NFS: Carbon Features

- created by Chaos-Energy & Nico

  • The graphics of NFSC will be a bit better than the X360 ones from NFSMW.
  • Carbon will be a mix between the underground series and most wanted. You will be able to personalize your car more than in most wanted and you'll have to stay away from the cops.
  • There have been 9 racing modes revealed for the upcoming NFS. These race modes include the now classic Drift, Sprint, Speedtrap, and Circuit modes as well as the brand new Canyon series of events that include the Canyon Duel, Canyon Race, and Canyon Drift. These Canyon series of events will have you hanging around tight turns that force you to dent the guard rail as you speed by at breakneck speeds. There are more modes, but those are still unknown. EA says that the police will now be a lot stronger and fiercer than ever before!
  • You will be able to create your own crew. Some riders will be more specialized in Tuning, while others are huge fans of Exotics or Muscle cars.
  • Teamwork! Your crew will be helping you during races trough ramming opponents or driving right in front of you so you can draft your way to the finish.
  • The game will take place, like the name says, at the Carbon Canyon in California. You will also have access to 2 other canyons and a city.
  • You will be able to explore whenever you want, like Underground 2 and Most Wanted.
  • The PS3 motion capture can be used.
  • Confirmed editions are PC, X360, Xbox, PS3, PS2, Wii, PSP, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, cellphone.
  • As usual, this NFS will have a brand new babe. This time it's the Canadian Emmanuelle Vaugier who acted in several episodes of Charmed and Smallvile.
  • Nitro has been added to the Drift challenges which will probably have a big impact.
  • The steering in drift races are a lot different compared to other races. It's now much easier to do cooler, bigger drifts and get more points!
  • Autosculpting is the biggest addition to tuning ever. You can change every detail of every part on your car. Bigger spoiler, bring out the engine, bigger tires, ... Although there will be about the same ammount of parts as in Most Wanted, with autosculpting it will easily exceed the options in NFSU2.