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Button lay-out revealed
So, this is the default button lay-out for Halo 3's multiplayer. Those for the single player will of course be mostly the same. Personally I think these will do pretty well, but for those not satisfied there is of course the option to change your button lay-out.

Left and right sticks: Movement and look. Just like H2.

Click left and right sticks: Crouch and zoom – just like H2, although there is a “toggle crouch” option, so that you can stay crouched until you click the stick again.

A: Jump

B: Melee attack. Note: B may also be used to activate a subtle, but nifty context-sensitive feature.

Y: Switch to next weapon.

X: Activate mysterious new feature which on the cool scale falls somewhere between “crouch” and “activate Fantanas on speed dial.”

LT: Toss grenade.

RT: Shoot weapon.

LB: Cycle grenade type (you have at least three types of grenade now, so they must be cycled rather than switched).

RB: Pick up weapon/activate stuff/reload/use turrets and so on.

Note: If you hold LB while standing over a dual wieldable weapon, you’ll pick it up in your left hand – a huge improvement over the “Y” button in Halo 2. This doesn’t affect grenade cycling, because you can still tap LB to cycle grenades, but you can’t toss ‘em while dual wielding anyway. So it’s moot. After about ten minutes of play, it feels incredibly natural, with the lone downside that you have trouble adjusting when you go back to Halo 2. But more vitally, LB reloads the weapon in your left hand, individually when you’re dual-wielding.

BACK: Calls up the Multiplayer “player menu” – where you can mute jerks, see gamer data and so on. The back button is useful, but tough to press in really hectic action, since it’s so close to the Guide button.

START: Pause menu (which is translucent so you can adjust controls without losing track of what’s on screen) and one or two other significant goodies we haven’t revealed yet. From here you can also end or quit a game, naturally.

D-PAD: Used for sweet circular fighting game moves. No wait, my bad - it is currently used to activate team chat, but that’s very provisional. This is being given a lot of care and attention and is tied to other matters, such as your default settings and how team chat and proximity voice work. You’d be amazed how much testing and thought goes into this stuff.
Posted by: Nico @ February 19 2007, 9:53 pm
Halo 3 beta testing.
Previously, the only confirmed method of gamers being selected for the highly coveted testing period was to register at the Halo 3 Web site and hope fortune smiled upon them. Those who entered through this method and were accepted will be notified through e-mail this month, Bungie said today.

But now, Microsoft confirmed that specially marked boxes of Crackdown will include Halo 3 beta keys. Crackdown will be available in North America on February 20, in other regions probably a few days later.

The final way to get into the beta test is through the "Rule of Three" program. From February 1-3, gamers in the US who play three hours of Halo 2 over Xbox Live will qualify for entry. The first 13,333 gamers who have played Halo 2 over Xbox Live during the specified time period and register at the Halo 3 Web site will be entered into the beta program. Gamers outside of the US should stay tuned for details on the "Rule of Three" program in their regions.

Only gamers with an Xbox 360 and a valid Xbox Live Gold membership will be considered for the program.
Posted by: Nico @ January 3 2007, 7:52 pm
More updates.
More movies and screenshots have been uploaded, and additional pages are on their way. All go see!

I'm sorry for these late updates. I've been quite busy with school the last few weeks.

EDIT: the Vehicles page is now online! It has info and media on all currently confirmed vehicles for Halo 3.
Posted by: Nico @ December 21 2006, 12:14 pm
Multiplayer screenshots.
The 5 new screens can be found here. I'll upload HD ones and info later, for now I recommend all Halo fans to read the Bungie article.
Posted by: Nico @ November 23 2006, 4:02 pm
More information!
Some new information about the multiplayer has come out:

- Still no bots for the multiplayer.
- There is going to be a function that allows for recording movies in both single and multiplayer!
- More weapons confirmations. The Spiker, favourite weapon of the brutes, is back. The new Spartan Laser: hard to use, but it can immobilise any vehicle with one shot. And a new grenade: the Nail Grenade. It sticks to the wall, and then fires nails - groovy!
- You'll still be able to have only two guns at a time on you. But now, other people will be able to see your other weapon on your back! That way, in multiplayer, people won't be able to do those annoying surprise attacks with a plasma sword.
- When your dual-wielding, you can now choose which weapon to reload with the two bumpers(L1 and R1, for those not familiar with the X360).
- The Mongoose, originally intended to be in Halo 2, is now in the game. It's an ATV, primarly intended for transport rather than combat, and can hold two persons.
- The Man Cannon allows players to be shot into the sky! A quick way to get somewhere, or to scare the hell out of your opponents.
- There will be a Collectors' Edition from the game, but for the true Halo fans: a Legendary Edition! This will include: the game(duh), two documentaries and interviews with the developpers, spin-off stuff like Red vs Blue videos, and all trailers in HD. The case will look like the Chief's helmet!

A few scans can be found here
Posted by: Nico @ October 28 2006, 1:07 pm
Halo Wars!
I'm sorry, still no news from Halo 3. But there has been another big announcement: a Halo spin-off, Halo Wars is coming! Halo Wars will be an RTS(Real-Time Strategy, like Age of Empires or Command&Conquer). So far only an XBox 360 release is confirmed, the release date is still completely unknown. It's being made by Ensemble Studios, who also made the award-winning Age of Empires and Age of Mythology games. You can find screenshots and a trailer(not ing-game though) here! I won't upload them here, since this isn't a Halo Wars section (yet?)
Posted by: Nico @ September 29 2006, 6:52 pm
More details about the Halo movie!
The movie is coming in 2008, and will probably be rated PG-13. Peter Jackson, famous from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the latest King Kong remake, is backing up the movie together with his special effects studio. A not very famous short-film and commercials director, Neill Blomkamp, is directing the film. He's the right man for the job according to Jackson, because he's a big Halo fan and he will have a unique, cool and fresh look on the Halo universe; while more famous directors might make it more cliché.
Full story (Peter Jackson interview)
Posted by: Nico @ September 19 2006, 6:46 pm
Halo movie delayed to 2008
Microsoft announced it to be coming in 2008, and it's going to be directed by Neill Blomkamp. A very unknown director, but he has proved himself with a few short films and TV ads. Gamespot has the full story about it, if you wish to know more.
Posted by: Nico @ August 10 2006, 3:46 pm
Halo 3 section opened!
In this brand-spanking-new section you can find all the information you could possibly need about the upcoming end of the Halo trilogy, Halo 3. Feel free to look through the pages, if you have a question or suggestion of some kind, there's a contact page too.

As of now I'm still working on new pages, so stay tuned!
Posted by: Nico @ July 29 2006, 3:58 pm
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