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- created by Nico

The MA5B Assault Rifle from Halo: Combat Evolved is back!

In Halo 2, that weapon was replaced by the BR55 Rifle and the M7 SMG. The BR55 was cool because it fired in powerful bursts and it had a scope, and the M7 was fun because it fired fast and you could dual-wield it. But still, the old AR was missed because it was simply was a lot of fun.

Spiker: the weapon of the Brutes - a grenade launcher with knives on it for nasty melee attacks - is back for sure. Nobody knows if it will be changed.

Spartan Laser: This gun emits a red laser beam, which can immobilise any vehicle. But the big drawback is, that it's very difficult to actually hit something with it!

Nail Grenade: A grenade that sticks to the wall, and then shoots nails everywhere!

Bungie's Tom Doyle said a lot of weapons from the previous Halo games are getting a graphical makeover, such as the Covenant sniper rifle.

Heard anything about Halo 3's weaponry that isn't on this page? Then don't believe it, because what you've heard are mere rumours.

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