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Halo 3 Merchandise

- created by Nico
Are you a big Halo fan? Well why not show it to the world with some of these funny or cool and sometimes even useful Halo and Bungie stuff! I selected some of the greatest, but you can check out all of them at The Bungie Store. WARNING: certain items are extremely geeky. This will not turn on anyone that has boobs, except for that fat geeky friend of yours.

Halo 3 FaceplateHalo TeeHalo Statue
EB Games and Gamestop listed a Halo 3 Faceplate on their site for $19.99, to ship on October 24.The hell with working out, why not pack on the titanium muscle you've always dreamed of with this Master Chief armor! For only 18.95, that is.
PS: made out of light-weight cotton.
Check out this uber Master Chief statue. Sure it's from Halo 2, but it definately diserves a spot on this page. Want it? You're going to have to browse Ebay, because it's a limited edition.

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