100% Completion Scarface

To Gain 100% in Scarface: The World Is Yours you must:

Criteria Detail
Kill 83 Gangs in Gang Nests: 21 in Little Havana
23 in Downtown
13 in South Beach
26 in North Beach
Purchase 105 Exotics: 5 Henchmen
30 Cars
12 Boats
3 Mansion Themes
11 Unique Collectibles
18 Furntiure
18 Decor Items
8 Investments
Own 16 Fronts and 4 Storehouses:

Litte Havana
South Beach
North Beach
Pedro's Pawn Shop
O'Grady'S Liquor Store
Macau Fast Food
Angel Dust Donuts
Cabana Cigar
Fidel's Records and Tapes
Chi Peso Trattoria
Peninsula Gentlement's Club
Oakley Drive-In
U-Gin Shotgun Bar
Swansong Hotel
Whippet Gambling
Hanvanna Storehouse
Babylon Club
Sun Ray Hotel
Stein Jewelers
Marina Storehouse
Shoreline Storage
Coco's Lounge and Disco
Leopard Storage

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