Easter Eggs Scarface

Easter Eggs
Take A Piss
When you are low on heatlh, find a green trashcan/dumpster. Once you are near one, press the action button to take a piss. Once Toney is done pissing onto the ground, you will gain about 5% of health back. As tony is pissing, you do not see him urinating and only moves his body.
Gilligan's Island
Gilligan's Island is a island in the popular TV show during 1964-1967. The location of this island, can be a litte hard to find since it is in the middle of no where. The island locations is in the middle of Fountain Rock and Lobster Clay. On the island, you will find various items that relate to the show such as the hut, boat and the characters.
Oakley Drive-In Theatrea
In front of the Oakley Drive-In Theatra, is the 2 billboards that reads "Its Drama Week, Open 7 days". If you shoot one of them until they explode, the words "SHAFT" will appear. This represents the Oakley actor of Richard Roundtree, who was featured in the movie Shaft.

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