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Demo in April, car list updated.
So there's a demo for the game coming out some time in April. So check the Marketplace regularly!

Go here to view the complete car list up till now... the tuner and aftermarket cars will be added April 15th, the Race Class Cars on the 19th.

Also, check out some of the new screenshots on that site, I haven't had time yet to update the section... sorry. That will be taken care of some time next week.
Posted by: Nico @ March 31 2007, 2:57 pm
Another foursome of screens.
Lamborghini and Porsche - All go see.

Also, the winning car of the Peugeot Design Contest 2007, the Flux, is coming to Forza 2!
Posted by: Nico @ February 15 2007, 6:04 pm
4 new screenshots of Italian muscle!
Try not to drool too much when you look at these nice new HD screenshots of the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati MC12.

To the screenshots page!

Also, the people behind Forza 2 are taking Force Feedback very seriously. If you're interested, go to this TXB article to find out more about it.
Posted by: Nico @ February 11 2007, 7:22 pm
Lovely new track page.
We now have a completely new Tracks page, which has pictures, maps and descriptions of the game's 12 environments. All go see!

Next up: doing the same thing with the game's vehicles. *cracks fingers*
Posted by: Nico @ February 4 2007, 4:41 pm
May release!
That's right, Forza 2 is now officially dated. It should be appearing on shelves mid to end May this year. The 12 environments of the game, who are now sure to be in, are on the Cars&Tracks page. Of those 12 environments, there are actually 47 different tracks.

And more details on the lobby options:
* Advanced Rules: In this options tab, you set damage type, tire wear and fuel consumption, collisions, spectators' voices, grid order, and the end race timer. It's worth noting that we've upped the ante when it comes to damage and how it affects your car this time around. The "cosmetic" or "limited" damage settings give you a taste of a fender bender, while the "simulation" setting allows you to knock off everything from fenders, bumpers, sideview mirrors, windshields, and in worst case scenarios, entire engine blocks are demolished with one impact. And finally, the end race timer allows you to set a countdown after the first-place winner crosses the finish line.

* Overrides Options: The whole purpose of overrides is to let the host restrict how people race on their server. Options here include the ability to force all players to use manual transmission, force the suggested line to be turned off, force STM, TCS, and ABS to be inactive, as well as force a certain camera view, whether it be hood or behind-the-car. The game also gives you the option to force stock upgrades and tuning for all cars on the track, essentially leveling the playing field for cars of the same make.

* Car Restrictions: The last tab in the multiplayer options menu is all about letting the host get specific about the kind of race he wants to run. The restriction categories here include Car Class (D-R4, "no race cars", or "any"), Performance Index (restrict the room for cars under a specific PI number), Power (restrict the room for cars in a specific horsepower range), Region (North America, Europe, Asia), Make (choose from all 50 of our manufacturers), Model, Year, Curb Weight, Drive Type, and Engine Position. Additionally, as you narrow the scope of your room, a number at the bottom of the screen tells you in real-time how many cars you have in your Arcade and Career garages that qualify for this specific room.
Posted by: Nico @ January 26 2007, 8:50 pm
FM2 nearing completion!
The developers announced that all the content (cars and tracks) are now fully completed, and ready to be tested and fine-tuned.

The game is already running at 60FPS (or so they say), which guarantees some very smooth gameplay.

So now since recently they started working on the multiplayer. 2 new announcements about that:

"New to Forza 2 is the ability to race against AI cars in multiplayer races. One of the things I know I specifically wanted to do from v1 was when you've created a room and you're waiting for people to get on, you just want to race and mess around. And then when you see them join your room, you can quit out and start the race proper. The inclusion of the AI wasn't really to create a strict competitive landscape. It's meant to be filler for a multiplayer race, to provide for passing opportunities, that sort of thing. Although we have 3 levels of difficulty for AI in multiplayer, the tuning for these AI cars were handled differently than what we did for single-player career AI."

"We let the host choose the grid order at the start of the race. They can choose by performance indexes, where cars with the higher index number start at the front; or choose by lobby points; or choose by Time Trials rank based on where everybody is on the Time Trials scoreboard; or by the overall Forza Rank (which we'll talk about at another time); and finally reversed Forza Rank and random order."
Posted by: Nico @ January 21 2007, 9:48 am
New car classes
The game should be coming out in June, or perhaps earlier, but the latest weeks we haven't heard anything about it anymore. But now there are more details about the car classes system.

Instead of 6, there will now be 10 car classes. And in Forza 1 the individual classes could get a rating from 1-4(eg D1 is better than D4, but in the same class), but now a 100-999 rating will be given.

That way you will be able to finetune your car way better than in the first Forza, and this will also get rid of the problem where just a handful of cars dominated a whole class.

The way the game chooses the classes will also improve. For example, if your car is a real horsepower-monster on mediocre tires, and you add another 100hp, your rating won't go up much since the tires won't be able to bring all that power to the asphalt. But if you put on a better set of tyres, you can expect the rating to go up quite a bit.

Posted by: Nico @ January 14 2007, 10:46 am
Release date info.
Peter Moore told MTV that 4 of Microsoft's own games, including Forza 2, will be released before June 2007! The first Forza was released May 3rd 2005, so Forza 2 might also come in the beginning of May. The wait isn't all that long anymore...
Posted by: Nico @ November 12 2006, 7:32 pm
More screenshots...
These screenshots were actually released two days ago, I'm kind of late since I've been busy - sorry for that.

These 8 screenshots feature a Corvette, RX-7, Lancer EVO and a Skyline on the Tsukuba Circuit.

On to the screenshots page!
Posted by: Nico @ September 29 2006, 7:21 pm
More information... and a faceplate!
The point-to-point tracks have been replaced by more real-life circuit tracks! Think of that what you want. The developpers have now confirmed that a demo is coming, but we will have to wait till the holiday season to try it out. There is also a new screenshot online. If you compare the first screens to the last, you really see the lighting, details and such are still increasing!

And last but not least... a Forza faceplate, coming this November! It should be available for about €20 or $20.

Posted by: Nico @ September 25 2006, 4:59 pm
Picture of the day Picture of the day

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Perverted people...
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