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- created by Nico

Here is the list of environments known to be in Forza 2 so far. Click the track pictures to see a map of the track! Sadly, I can confirm: there are no more Point-to-Point tracks. Tracks who return from the first Forza have gotten a graphical makeover.
From these 12 environments there will actually be 47 different lay-outs. Another 4 tracks will be available for download some day, perhaps for a small fee.

R: a Real, actually existing track, recreated into the game.
F: a Fantasy(Fake, if you will) track the makers of the game invented.
N: a New track, which wasn't in Forza 1.

Maple Valley F
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca R
Mugello Circuit R N
New York Circuit F
Nürburgring Nordschleife R
Road Atlanta R
Sebring International Raceway R N
Silverstone Circuit R
Sunset Peninsula Infield F
Suzuka Circuit R
Test Track F
Tsukuba Circuit R

Maple Valley Raceway
Click to see a TRACK MAP. Maple Valley Raceway is a fast-flowing track in the beautiful fall-time England. Shame it's a fantasy track. 2.97mi(5km) long, with 15 turns and an overpass. And lots of yellow-orange-ish leaves.

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Click to see a TRACK MAP. Built in 1957 near Montery, California, Laguna Seca is one of the most beloved and famous racing tracks on the West Coast. The track hosts a wide series of racing events, ranging from the American Le Mans to Formula 1 and MotoGP to cycling contests. It's 3.58km or 2.24miles long, with 11 turns including the famous "corkscrew" in turn 8 and 8A, partly shown on the photo on the left. I hate to be subjective, but I must say this is my favorite American race track, though I doubt I'll ever be able to drive on it myself... luckily it's in Forza 2!

Mugello Circuit
Click to see a TRACK MAP. Mugello Circuit was founded in the Mugello region of Italy in 1914. Back then it still was a road circuit, of over 66km. In the 70s, a section of the old Mugello was shaped into a permanent racetrack. After that it has been remodeled by Ferrari to its current state of 5.245 kilometres (3 miles) with 15 turns. It's a modern and exiting track, and some parts of it even differ 40m in height! It hosts MotoGP and other bike races, F1 and is the official test track of Ferrari.

New York Circuit
Click to see a TRACK MAP. Officially named the City of New York. Named the Big Apple by some, "the city that never sleeps" by others. Do I even need to write an introduction? I guess not, but I will anyway. With over 8 million people living on 320 square miles (830km²), it's the most densely populated city of the US. An international center of business and culture. But, the city ain't a lot of fun to drive in. Especially with all the damned taxis! But thanks to Forza 2, you'll be able to cruise the streets of New York without traffic jams. Expect to see quite a bit of advertising though! Let's just hope there's no red lights district in the game.

Nürburgring Nordschleife
Click to see a TRACK MAP. The famous Nürburgring(also called Nuerburgring or simple "the Ring") was constructed in 1927, as the motorsport was getting very popular and many new tracks were needed. There used to both a long Nordschleife and a shorter Südschleife, a Northern and a Southern loop. They were first used together, but only two years after its construction, they've always been used separately. The Nordschleife, nicknamed "The Green Hell", has been modified a lot over the years: bumps and corners have been removed, to obide safety regulations. It has hosted countless championships over the years, with many different car and bike classes. As of today, it's 20.8 km(13 miles) long, with 73 offical corners, and it's still a one-way public toll-road! Though it's often closed to the public for races such as the Ring's 24hrs or touring car races, or test-sessions for BMW/Porsche/Audi/etc. prototypes and sometimes it's also available for the public to race on, no matter what car you have. In 1984, an extra GP track has been built where the old Südschleife used to be, which is called GP-Strecke. That's because the old Ring had been boycotted by the Formula 1 and other championships.
The smaller track has been used for championships such as DTM, F1, motorcycles, vintage cars, trucks etc. and has been lenghtened to 5200km in 2002.
Fun fact: the Ring annually hosts the "Rock am Ring" concert since 1985. This rock concert is the biggest of Germany and one of the biggest in Europe, and usually takes place in May or June. This year's line-up included: Metallica, Guns n' Roses, Tool, Kaiser Chiefs, Placebo and many more.

Road Atlanta
Click to see a TRACK MAP. Road Atlanta is a modern circuit in the state of Georgia, US. It's owned by Panoz Motorsports, has 12 turns including the famous and dangerous "esses" turns and is 2.54 miles (4km) long. It hosts a 1000mi race of the American Le Mans series, the usual superbikes/touring cars/karting events, and you can even take driving lessons on the track, courtesy of Panoz of course.

Sebring International Raceway
Click to see a TRACK MAP. Sebring Raceway is one of America's first permanent race tracks, established in Florida in 1950. In the second world war, the track was actually a training base were pilots learned to fly the B-17! That explains the two long straights the track has. In fact, certain parts are still used as private and commercial airport as of present.
Sebring is famous for the annual 12 Hours of Sebring. The track has been shortened and improved over the years, and it is now 3.7 miles (6.0 km) long, with 17 turns. The track is owned by Panoz Motorsports, so expect to see a lot of Panoz advertising along the course!

Silverstone Circuit
Click to see a TRACK MAP. Silverstone opened in 1943, but not as a racetrack! It was originally a bomber base in WWII. The English track was first used for the British Grand Prix in 1948. In the beginning, races were simply held on the runways themselves, using hay bales to make corners. Not for long though, in 1950 they started to use the airfield perimeter road. There have been some adjustments over the years, such as a chicane to slow down cars for the famous Woodcote Corner. In '90-'91 the track has been adjusted to its current state. It's now used for Formula 1 races, superbikes, classics, supercars...
The circuit is now 5.141km or 3.194mi long, with 17 turns.

Sunset Peninsula Infield
Click to see a TRACK MAP. Sunset Peninsula is a fictive, typical American NASCAR speedway with an infield.

Suzuka Circuit
Click to see a TRACK MAP. The Japanese Suzuka Circuit was opened in 1962 as a Honda test track, and is today one of the most famous Japanese racing tracks, still owned by Honda. It's quite unique, with its rare 8-shape, so there's an overpass in the middle of the track. A wide array of races are hold on this track: Super GT, a 1000km endurance race, NASCAR, Gran Prix, MotoGP etc.
The track mesures 5.8 kilometres (3.6 miles), with 14 turns(or 20, depends on what one defines as turn).

Test Track
Click to see a TRACK MAP. The "test track" is a fictional track, and as the name implies, it's made rather for testing your cars than to hold actual races. It has a challenging Infield with many, many turns; a quarter-mile drag strip; and a wide oval course of 5Mi(8.45km).

Tsukuba Circuit
Click to see a TRACK MAP. Tsukuba Circuit is a quite small, yet very popular racing track in Japan. It's 2,070 m / 1.287 miles long, yet hosts big Japanese motorbike and touring car championships. It's also very popular among drifters. (I'm sorry for the lack of information and a proper map. I just can't find a lot of information about it)

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