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Want to know who's who and who you'll want to keep as a close friend? This is the place! Every important character in the game will be introduced right here.

Niko Bellic

You play as Niko Bellic, an Eastern European immigrant. Niko comes to Liberty because of letters that his brother, Roman, has been sending him. Roman wrote that he was living the American Dream – girlfriends, sports cars, all that. Niko, drawn by the prospect of wonderful worriless life, comes to Liberty City…only to find out that Roman had been lying to him all this time. He is neither rich, nor popular; in fact, he’s indebted and in trouble with a lot of local criminals. At first your job is to protect him and solve problems of basic survival, but then we may learn something about Niko’s past and why he moved to America in the first place.

Roman Bellic
Niko's cousin. He moved to Liberty City before him and lied to Niko in his letters. He owns a taxi company which will be useful through the game if you help him. From the trailer it seems that he has some connections to the crimelife in Liberty City and together he will help you to the top. He also seems to have a drinking problem.

Vladimir Glebov
A Russian money lender. He owns the bar Comrades in the Hove Beach neighborhood in Broker.

Little Jacob
Little Jacob is a Jamaican arms dealer from Dukes and a good friend of Niko's brother, Roman. Make sure you have a good relationship with him and he will deliver weapons to you anywhere in the city, any time you need them.

Elizabeta is a drug dealer in Bohan for over 10 years. She has been it successfully because she tends to keep her business on a low profile and she knows who to pay off or who to kill. Lately, police has been paying a lot more attention to her business and because she started snorting her own stash, she's very paranoid. Let that be a lesson: "Don't get high on your own supply!"

Manny Escuela
Manny Escuela is a former gangster from South Bohan. He changed his ways and now he tries to clean up the streets from Bohan through the St. Mary's Community Project.

Phil Bell
An Alderney businessman who is also connected to the mafia. Doesn't anyone in this city earn his money legally?

Playboy X
Playboy X is a hustler who has a big mansion in Algonquin, where he runs his businesses form. Elizabeta introduces you to him. He used to do business with Dwayne Moore who was recently released from prison but since he got busted, Playboy moved on without him.

Brucie is a fitness enthusiast like Bledar, a car nut and a self-appointed VIP. He has an ego the size of San Andreas and lives his life filled with expensive clothes, cars and women. Roman introduces you to him and you would do best keeping him on your whitelist. If he likes you enough he will provide you a free helicopter service. He operates a garage near Roman's taxi depot in Broker.

Bledar Morina
An Albanian thug and fitness enthusiast. He blackmails people and lives in Broker.

Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins
Choose your future. Choose Abstinence. “Abstinence... life is great when you just don't get it.”
This slogan seems to got Mr. Dawkins where he is now.

Francis McReary
Francis McReary is a corrupt officer who has some dirt on Niko Bellic. He knows about a crime Niko committed in his passed and demands that Niko runs some errands for him.

Patrick McReary
Patrick is Irish and lives with his mother and sister. He's related to the corrupt cop, Francis, although it is unknown whether Patrick is his brother or son. (Probably the latter) His friends call him Packie for short and he has a good relationship with the drug dealer, Elizabeta. His sister seems to like Niko as she's been spotted kissing him in the third trailer.

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