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So what is LittleBigPlanet all about? What will you be able to do in the game? Every neat feature, however small it may be, will be available to you right here!

General gameplay of LittleBigPlanet

LittleBigPlanet is a platformer with a heavy emphasis on customization and making your own content. The game will come with a set of in-house developed platform levels and minigames which you can play but also copy, make it better and share it with others. Or if none of those levels are your cup of tea, build your own from the ground up. Everything you see in the pre-made levels will be available for you, along with many other stuff. Your creativity is the limit. Build your own enemies, your own tank or your own fortress with a nice river made of flames.

Make your level challenging so people will be fighting to get first in your level. With just a few button presses you can add a start line, finish line and an online scoreboard. Reward your players with all kinds of stuff you think they deserve. Build up a reputation as a level builder and get your very own beta team to try out your latest levels before the public gets to. Or if you don't want all the attention, invite a few friends and let them mess around in your level while you're creating it! - Make that wall a bit higher please!

Even if you're not a big platform fan you can still enjoy this game by making your own minigames. Again, your creativity it's the limit!

List of known features

  • There will [b]not[/b] be an option to charge money for your levels. There's been some rumors about it thanks to David Reeves but it has been confirmed by Media Molecule that it will not happen. At least not when the game is released.
  • There will be a loose story connecting over 50 levels made by Media Molecule. It won't be the most important thing in the game but it will be humorous at times.
  • Uploading a video from the game to YouTube is not in the game yet but Media Molecule is looking into it so fingers crossed!
  • Offensive or adult content will, obviously, not be allowed. Levels carrying this content can easily be reported through the screenshot feature.
  • You can make private levels to share with just your friends.
  • LittleBigPlanet plushies might be produced. Limited Edition perhaps...?

  • Copy levels, edit them or make your very own
  • Customize your Sackboy infinitely, or if you're not creative enough to churn out a nice one, put a cardboard box over his head
  • Create your own enemies with different AI presets
  • Place your own scoreboards in your levels so people can compete for the first place
  • Let your friends play your level while you're creating it, testing has never been so quick
  • Be the master of elements, electrify your objects, put your contestants on fire or freeze them
  • Voice chat with lip-syncing
  • Express emotions through smiling, looking sad, ...
  • Take in-game screenshots
  • Put your music in the game, you can make it start playing at different parts throughout the level and at any time throughout the track
  • Liquids! Play God and wash it all away if you don't like it
  • Reward players for finishing your level with a great time
  • Use the PlayStation Eye to take pictures of you or your environment and sticker them in the game
  • The game will most likely run in 720p, based on the screenshots

Made by Niels Costermans
Image from OPM #79 Benelux