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  • Use the form below to submit your picture of the day. Fill out all fields as required, making sure they do not contain any swearing/explicit comments.

  • All pictures submitted will be reviewed by the admins, and as such we cannot gaurantee that your picture will be shown. We will only accept the best pictures, so why not check out the picture of the day archive to see past examples.

  • DO NOT contact us to ask if or when you picture will be shown. If it is shown, an automatic email will be sent to you on the day it is displayed (unless you do not give your email address).

  • Pictures can be about any video game, new or old. It does not necessarily have to be for a game covered on this site.

  • The maximum size for a picture is 1600 x 1200px and must be of the format jpg or png.

  • Any abuse of this form will result in the user being banned from the site.
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